Tuesday, September 16, 2008

{-notting special-}

wishing that i'm in malaysian eating nasi kerabu with keropok ikan and drinking teh tarik while watching sponge BOB..!hehe

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

-nur Islam-

Alhamdullillah,as I've sailed to a country which rearly hard to hear the wonderful sound of Athan,i started to realize what's the true meaning of this statement "when i go to a Muslim country,i can't see muslim but i did see Islam,and when i went to a non-Muslim country,i see muslim but i can't see Islam".And subhanallah,this statement which i quoted from a man's word is quite true.Where by this one day,while i was walking in a town called Sheffield,i saw an English lady wearing a scarf(hijab) which is something unusual to be seen at this town except for the Arabs that migrated here.So,i walked up to her,greet and exchange our numbers and email.And the next day,we started to contact each other.She brought me to the mosque nearby and I started to join them(the convert sisters) with their study-circle and Quran lessons.And Masha Allah,i was speechless to see their effort to know Islam.Even though the Arabic words and their mother-tongue language is different but still they try hard to do their best in reading Al-quran and perform the Solat.Some of the new sister(converters) are really new to Islam (which is only about one week) but already can fast and read the Al-fatihah in the Solat and that is to me very impressive.

And what make me love here is Alhamdulillah,the Arabian sisters always organize Islamic classes such as Tajweed classes(on Saturday and Sunday afternoon for those who understand Arabic and Monday for those understand English),Feqah-which discuss about Islamic rules in every scholars'(Mazahib) point of view and this classes is also divided into two which is on Monday afternoon is for those who understand Arabic and another group is for those who understand English and there are also other subjects.

here i attached a checklist that might me useful in our daily life..just click here

Have a full of bless and wonderful Ramadan..Ramadan Mubarak..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

[-group of knowledge-]

i still have about one month to be here in the UK and then i'm back in morocco..miss my life there but alhamdulillah..i think my life here in the UK is not a waste of time..i start to take seriously about time consuming and many more..and i'm so greatfull to Allah for planning and making my life flows very nice..yes there are few regrets in the past (not after i came to UK for the holiday)but i think the thing that i regretted for is my own fault..

Alhamdulillah,when i arrived here,at first i don't know what to do..yes, i have planned something to do before..but there are some of them can't be done..and i didn't know that Allah have better plans for me..it was Friday in the month of July,i went out alone searching for the Islamic center in Sheffield because i wanted to join the Islamic community since they have very nice programmes.so,I went up until Pitsmoor(which took me half an hour from k.lela's house by bus) and i was so shock because there was like this city of muslim people..there were a lot of them..most of the arabs wearing jubahs and have beards and there are shop written in arabic..subhanallah..because when i was in morocco,i thought that it's hard for the muslims to live here since there are people who have bad point of view about Islam..but here in UK,Alhamdulillah..they can wear long hijabs and black abaya..they can show their identity..some sisters are wearing niqab..subhanallah..and the brothers can have long beards and wearing jubah..that's the best thing about UK..i just felt like living in a muslim country..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

{-ramadhan is back-}

Alhamdulillah,kita dipanjangkan umur dan dapat menyambut bulan Ramadhan pada kali ini...

Have a full of bless and wonderful Ramadhan..!

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

GoD's sLaVe is now back in business..

hekhekhek..setelah sekian lama x update blog..kerana kemalasan yg memuncak..sedih la hr ni..ayu(my cousin who's staying with kak lela) is going back to malaysia tomorrow..so dah xde geng nak ngumpat2..huhu..we have many thing to share because we actually have alot in common..kak ain(my sister) always said that.."ni sure korg selalu cite2 pasal boyfren kan..!!"..and my answer would be.."hello kak ain..mana cool dah cite2 pasal tuh..we do more grown-up things like cooking..talk about books and so.."..hehe..ayu is sooo a good cook..i'm so jealous of her..i wish i'm a domestic goddess..i love to cook..but i dunno why..sometimes the food don't turn up like how i aspected it to be..hehe..and yes,ayu wanted to treat me to eat at this halal chinese restaurant(Noodle In) because i told her that i never had chinese food in years now..i had once when i was a little girl and now i've forgot how it taste like..so since she just got paid..we went out last wednesday (girls day out)..sbb selalunye aina ikut..tp kali ni kami berdua jer..(aina is 2 years old)..i choose wednesday because i've sign up to be a volunteer at the British Heart Foundation..and that day apparently was the wackiest day of my life..i thought Tracey(the BHF supervisor) wrote down the date and time that i supposed to volunteer is on 13/8 at 1 p.m..so i arrived at the place 10 minutes late 1.10p.m..(sebelum tu mmg berlari2 la keluar dr rumah sbb ayu nak ikut so kene biar dia settlekan aina dulu..mandi..tidur..then baru boleh kuar..tu pasal lambat..)..while i was in front of the cash register(to meet the person who is incharge that day) i take out the letter that Tracey gave me last week regarding the voluntary thing..and guess what..then i realize that i'm supposed to do the voluntary job in the morning which is at 10 a.m..(time tu dah panic..tak tahu nak buat ape..)so i went to meet the supervisor-act cool as usual..hehe..and told an excuse that i didn't realize that it was this morning..i thought it was at 1 p.m and..bla..bla..bla.. (Tracy was not in that day because she's on summer holidays..nasib baik..alhamdulillah)..then the man said.."oo..don't worry,love..everything was ok this morning..we have plenty of volunteers..nevermind..just leave your number and i'll ask Tracey when the day that you need to come next"..ohh..what a relief..so i went.."thank you.." and he said.."ok love..cheers.."..so ayu said to me.."ape la makcik ni..confident je pukul satu..bukan nak check surat tu semalam..ni dah ade kat dpn tu baru nak check.."..we laugh..so i replied.."bukan ape..baru teringat yang ada surat tu..lagipon pagi tadi takde pon diorg call tny ape2 ke..mabuk betul la sy ni..."..hehe..tak daya tu tadi sblm nak sampai berlari2..last2 xde ape2 pon..then ayu suggest that we go to primark..(mcm ISetan kat msia tu kot..jual2 baju gitu)..pastu gi window shopping kat Mark and Spencer..(makanan kat mark and spencer sedap2..)..pastu kiteorg nak gi makan kat Chinese Food Restaurant yg halal tu..I asked ayu does she knows where's the place is..then she said."erm..tau..tapi tak ingat kat mana tempat tu.."..i was like.."what??"..so kami pon jalan la dalam jarak 1km..tapi tak jumpe jugak tempat tu..so ayu ckp.."ape kata kite call restoran tu and tanya mana tempatnye.."..laaa..napela tak buat awal2 tadi..huhu..so i called..

girl : Hello,Noodle In..how may i help you?(slang cina)
me : Hello,i would like to have dinner there but i don't know where it is actually situated..
girl : ok..it is at London Low
me : sorry,where?London what?(because ayu tetibe je cakap..London Low ke London Road?)
girl : London Lod..
me : London Lod as in L.O.D or what?
girl : Are you a chinese?
me : no,i'm a Malay
(then she starts calling somebody else near her and speak chinese with her and then there was another girl's voice on the phone)
girl 2 :yes,sorry..can I help you?
me :yes..ok..if i'm from Potsmoor,how can I get there?what bus should I take?
girl 2 : i'm not sure but you can ask people what's the bus is to London Road
me : London Lod or London Road?
girl 2 : London Road..R.O.A.D
me : ok then..thank you..

the second girl was a bit clear than the other one..hehe..so we went there..at first i was quite scared..(betul ke halal ni?)..so i asked ayu to make sure of it..and then she said..ok..halal..tengok dekat kawasan sekeliling pon banyak kedai2 arab..lagipon dekat menu tu dia highlightkan mana yang halal and non halal..bagus kan??so I was too excited..yerla..dah la org belanja..time order tu memang keliru la..banyak sangat..bile waitress dah sampai mmg xtau nak cakap ape..berterabur bahasa omputih..tetibe nak tau ape jadi?minah cina tu boleh cakap melayu..hehe..fuhh..lega..baru sedap nak order..memang tanya macam2 la..mende ni ape?..sedap ke..the food was delicious..and everything was so massive..mcm mkn dalam big plate pulak..tapi mmg stail dia mcm tu..murah n banyak..siap minah tu kata..jgn order byk2..nanti membazir..pastu kalau tak habis boleh tapau..hehe..satu lagi nak puji kat toilet dia..bersih..siap kat atas ciling toilet tu ade hello kitty kelip2..mcm masuk ape je..sorry tak sempat nak amik gambar..sebab tak bawak camera..mkn kat situ siap dapat aiskrim free lagi..hehe..lps mkn pon ape lagi..caucincau la..then time tunggu bas,ayu pon ckp..laa..bas ni tunggu kat sini??haa..kite naik bas ni je..terus sampai umah ni..senang la..tak payah naik bas 2 kali..

at first the bus was at the right track..so we was so confident that the bus is going to take us straight at home..(sebab kat sheffield ni sgt byk bas..)..tetibe sampai kat satu traffic light tu..dia belok..time tu kami dah start nak panic..kalau turun..tak tahu nak naik bas ape pulak ke rumah..so kami pon sebulat suara nak tunggu sampai bas tu habis jalan..mana la tau dia lalu ke kat area rumah..dah agak 30 min perjalanan..tetibe nampak signboard yg nak sampai rumah kiteorg..happy..!!than sampai traffic light..bas tu belok..tak pegi kat arah signboard..so kami ni punya la sangka baik..ooo..takpe2..mungkin ade jalan short-cut kot..bas kan ade laluan sendiri..dah agak2 sejam..still tak sampai2 jugak..then tetibe bas tu berhenti..rupe2nye kiteorg dah sampai kat perhentian terakhir yang kat mana2 entah..so kami pon memang panic sangat2 la..so kami pon tanya pakcik bas.."we wanted to go to walkley road..so what should we do?"..pakcik bas cakap..xpe..korg stay kat bas ni..nanti aku hantar korg kat bandar..korg naik bas no 95@94..ok..(bas yg kami naik tu 98..patut la salah pon)..

sampai rumah sejam setengah kemudian..cite kat kak lela..dia gelak sakan..tapi best sangat2..kak lela buatkan daku tiramisu..hehe..sbb teringin sgt2 nk mkn..she is soo a domestic goddess..hehe..so ok..sambg esok pulak..insyaAllah

Sunday, July 27, 2008

{holiday no 2}

ish..rindu pulak kat blog ni..and again sorry for not updating..me myself also don't know why i'm not updating the blog..mak balik msia on 11/7 so i went to send her to the airport with kak lilah (my senior)..thanx kak lilah..atamanna laki min ahli jaza'..right now i'm in UK..i'm staying with my cousin here in Sheffield (3 hours journey by bus from london) saje je nak tukar udara..last year i spent the summer in morocco..so this year it will be UK..i love to travel..my flight was from marakech to manchester..so i need to go to marakech..which is about 5 hour journey from Rabat by train..

since all of my housemate is in kenitra(sbb ade mesyuarat agung pelajar msia kat sane) so i need to go alone to marakech..at first i was quite scared..yerla..dgn luggage lagi..sorang pulak tu..huhu..pastu taktahu nak stay for the night dekat mane..kalau duduk hotel yang mak stay hr tu,risau jugak sebab sorang je stay kat hotel tu..dahla ramai lelaki yang jaga hotel tu..memang macam2 la fikir..plus with the train that i'm gonna take from rabat is at 5 pm so i'll reach marakech about 10 pm..i want to take the earlier train but something came up at the end..tapi tu la..alhamdulillah..suddenly my senior (abg lihin) called and said that he gonna send me to the train station..so luggage dia boleh la tolong angkat..time tu lega sangat..hehe..then i went upstairs(to my seniors house just to say goodbye since they are going back to malaysia on the 2nd of august and by the time i'm still in sheffield)..tetibe i saw my close indonesian friend..she came to spend the night at my senior's house..as i was saying that i'm going to marakech,so she suggest that why don't i go to kak mariam's house (also an indonesian student) in marakech..she would be really happy to have me there..(dia pon cakap jarang student perempuan lawat diorg kat sane..yerla..jauh..huhu)..so i called kak mariam and she said that she gonna pick me up at the train station..Alhamdulillah..memang Allah tu mudahkan segala urusan..so the next day,takut jugak sebab orang cakap UK ni susah nak masuk unless u go there to study(sebab ade visa student) or keje yang memang ada surat dari pihak syarikat sini..siap ade yang cakap,kalau ape2 nanti dia hantar balik la..ape la..fuhh..Allah je la yang tau dadaku bagaimana time tu..memang tawakal je la..i took a flight from a company called "thomsonfly" sebab only that company provide a flight from marakech(morocco) to manchester(since it's the nearest airport to sheffield)..kalau nak ke london tu banyak..tapi taknak la amik..so bile sampai je kat manchester,pegawai imigresen to tanya kenapa datang..so i said "just visiting my cousin"..pastu dia kata have a nice stay..alhamdulillah..tu pon Allah mudahkan..so bile sampai je..jumpe kak lela(my cousin..she's a DR in sheffield)..sampai rumah dalam pukul 5 p.m waktu morocco..pukul 12p.m waktu malaysia..terus makan..ayu(also my cousin) suruh..and sangat terkejut sebab semua orang tidur awal..except abg bock(kak lela's husband)..huhu..so i need to change my timetable..sebab selalunye tidur lps subuh(kalau summer subuh awal..so untuk mengelakkan aktiviti terlepas subuh,baik solat dulu..huhu)so kalau tidur pukul 3 pagi..bangun pon faham2 je la..huhu..pulak tu cuti..hehe..tapi bile kat sheffield ni semua tidur awal and bangun awal..tapi best jugak macam ni..sebab semua mende boleh buat belah pagi..and belah petang and malam dah boleh rehat..dan satu mende yang sangat suka kat sheffield ni library dan supermarket dekat dengan umah..10 minit je jalan kaki..best kan..hehe..so dah nak masuk 2 minggu kat UK ni..dan sangat gembira la duduk sini..rindu pulak kat kampung sebab boleh lepak2 ngan kazen2 yg lain..huhu..

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

sorry lambat update blog sbb busy lately..since a very v.v.v.i.p guest in my life came to pay for a visit here in Morocco..terkejut jugak because she told me that she's coming two weeks before her flight date..org itu adalah...jengjengjeng..sape lagi kalau bukan emmakku..hehe..

she came with two of her friends so they have been staying at our house..(11 stars hotel tu..palace of golden horses pon kalah)...bukan sebab nak budget hotel fees..but i really miss her sooo much..so this is like a grand opportunity for me to release all my "rindu" to her..(tapi org x tidur bawah ketiak tau..!!)

..she arrived in Casablanca at 17/6/2008 at 4.30 p.m..so dilla,chip and i went to fetch them up from the airport..actually something happen before that..i accidently missed a train to the airport..that train will be arriving at the airport before 4 p.m but since i've missed it..i need to take the next train that will arrive at the airport after 5 p.m..erm..about 5.30p.m..(time tu mmg cuak sesangat..takut mak dah sampai..)..

then bile sampai je kat airport,terus lari ke balai ketibaan..alhamdulillah..time sampai jer kat balai ketibaan,flight yang mak naik tu tak keluar lagi..maybe settlekan pasal luggage and other stuff..so i said to dilla that i wanted to hide and let dilla and chip went to see my mom and said to her that i can't come to fetch them up..so i just sent two of them on my behalf to pick them at the airport..hehe..tunggu punye tunggu mak n kawan2 dia tak keluar lagi..about 30 mins we've been waiting..tapi mak tak muncul pon..then i went to ask the policeman where is terminal one??so he said that if the passengers is from Europe they'll be coming out from this door (pintu A) and for the rest of the region they'll be coming out from that door (pintu B) yang jaraknya dari pintu A about 50m..so daku pon ape lagi..jalan r laju2..patutla..sebelum tu kami ade terserempak dgn sorg malaysian dia kata dia baru je sampai tiga hari sebelum tu..dia kata cepatnya airport ni renovate..hari tu rase mcm dia kuar kot pintu lain..huhu..last2 tak jadi trick ku itu..huhu..mak dah tunggu kat money changer punye booth..klu ikutkan hati, rase mcm nak lari jer pegi kat mak..tapi kang terkejut pulak orang2 yang kat airport..huhu..so jalan laju2 je..another thing that make me more "terkejut" when she told me that she bought me a new laptop..she said that susah nanti kalau takde laptop untuk tahun akhir..nak buat tesis..hikhikhik..sayang mak..memang before that mak ada bagitau yang dia nak beli laptop baru..tapi dia mcm cakap biasa2 je..so i didn't aspect that she really gonna buy it..

-i said : ish..tak payah la mak..membazir je..yang lama tu kan masih boleh gune..tukar motherboard je"..

-then mak kata.. : alaa...takpela.."

tapi kesian la kat laptop lama..he's my first laptop..dia la teman time gembira n sedih.. :( ..dude..whatever happen,u'll always be here in my heart..(haa..cube teka ayat sape tu??ayat naimah cakap kat butang..dalam citer sindarela..hikhikhik)

~ni laptop lama~

yang paling best bila mak tak bebel kerana daku telah merosakkan laptop..hehe.. :D sorry.. so minggu first kami jalan2 dalam Rabat..then to Fes..then to Spain (we spent 5 days there..went to algaciras,granada n cordoba)..then to mohamedia..then to casablanca..and to marakech..sekarang mak ade kat UK..but i'm very proud of her..eventhough she's already 60 years old..but she has the strenght of a 20 years old..huhu..(kuat sangat berjalan..tak tahu dari mana dia dpt tenaga)..

Sunday, June 15, 2008



i really can't describe my feeling right now..happy and sad collide and created a feeling that is indescribable..i don't know if i'm hurting someone's heart right now..because she seem to be more silent than ever..(macam putus cinta pulak)..and i don't know should i ask for an apology or should i just do nothing since i don't know is it i'm the one who is "the cause" of her silentness..i really don't know what to do right now..hurm...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

[-back to one-]

exam dah habis..yeehaaa...!!but there still fears left in my nerves..eventhough the examination has ended but i haven't receive my result yet..(that explains all)

guess what..??toren gave birth to 7 baby hamsters this evening..(adoiiii..rumahku..dibanjiri tikus..huhu)

today??nothing cool happened(selain dari toren bersalin)..just hangging out at the University with my friends..waiting for the result..but still tak keluar lagi..

so as usual..i can't sleep tonight..(bukan takle tdo pon..sebenarnya takut terlajak tdo..huhu..sebab sekarang dah masuk summer..so subuh awal..langkah berjaga2 nih)..so i was checking the online news..(ape la nak jadi ngan kerajaan msia ni..kot ya pon nak naikkan harga toloooong la fikirkan orang2 miskin yang ada kat negara kite tuu)..then surf the internet..searching for some yummylicious recipes(kak jun..pinjam nama jap..huhu)..then found something that I've left it for about 2 years..before i created this blog, i use to write at the friendster's blog..i love to write..because i wanted to share my experience with others..(ececcec..)..plus.. i always wanted to be a writer..but i don't know how and what to write..(because i'm bad in literature)..

by the way..after adam was born,i created this blog..(kononnye sempena adam lahir tu nak start menulis blog..)lagipon this is how i told my family and friends what i normally do..yerla..kat msia lain..kat sini pon lain..(totally different..huhu..yerla..semua keputusan buat sendiri..time kat msia dulu ade jugak mak yang buatkan keputusan)..then i chose to write in English(campur2) because i wanted to improve my English..my friend said to me..how to improve if u don't try..(tak kesah la klu salah pon..at least u have an affort)..thanx dude..!so here i am..writing and blogging..(walaupon jarang update..huhu)..so sesape yang nak baca my blog yg lama..bole la click sini(blog lamaku)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

{-janji Allah-}

On 1/3/2008, chip have bought a hamster and named it BROWNIE (since it's colour is brown). We were so happy when he was around.two weeks later,chip bought a new hamster, same colour as brownie and we named it BROWNA (since she's a girl)..right after browna came,brownie was so happy because he has a new girlfriend.hehe.then, a month later,chip bought another hamster (a small one.most likely a baby hamster) because chip wanted browna and brownie have more friends and then we named it LOLY (because when we found him,he was so lonely in a cage with no friends)..when we put loly in the same cage with browna and brownie,loly was so frightened because browna keep on bullying him (naughty browna)..

Last month,28/4/2008,browna gave birth..(there were 4 of them)..cute little baby hamster..(subhanallah..dalam jisim yang kecil ni ada roh)..for sure the father was brownie because they have brownie's colour..(loly dah besar at that time..at first we thought that it was loly's because brownie was too passive..huhu)..the day before browna gave birth,chip bought a new hamster..(she wanted to make a zoo)..an orange one..and we named it TOREN..(tak sangka pulak browna akan bersalin the next day sebab dia active sangat siap bole bully toren lagi..yerla..ibu mengandung kan tak leh active2..nanti baby tak lekat..huhu)

At the same time,brownie have this infection at his "loceng"..and it become worst day,by day..All of us was so kesian on brownie..so chip took brownie to the veterinary clinic nearby..sadly the Doctor said that brownie's thingy is at the worst stage..there was no cure..whether to take him home and spend the last moment with him or the Doctor yang matikan..so chip chose the second one..(maybe dia rase lagi sedey kot kalau brownie pergi depan mata dia..lagi pon time Doctor nak matikan tu pon chip tak tengok..just drop brownie and left..)

yang kat atas tu brownie dan yang dah berjaya larikan diri tu browna

So yesterday was our last day with brownie..tapi itulah kuasa Allah..dan itulah janjinya..setiap yang bernyawa itu pasti akan mati..banyak perubahan yang brownie bawak dalah hidup kami..ukhwah kami jadi lagi rapat dari dulu..(sebab kami lepak ramai2 depan sangkar diorang dan gelak tengok gelagat diorg..)..pastu brownie ajar kiteorg untuk jadi org yang lebih bertanggungjawab..(macam bagi makan kat dia..minum..)..brownie jugak ajar kami erti kasih sayang..thanx dude..!(macam tak sangka kan..haiwan pon ade peranan dia..tu la salah satu hikmah kejadiaannya..subhanallah)

So chip..takmo sedih2 yea..kite ade lagi 7 ekor hamster nak kene jaga..hikhikhik..

Friday, May 16, 2008


sorry for not updating..sibuk la..exam la..malas..macam-macam la..erm..i was just checking my email..then found out this..mana tau bole bagi tauladan ke..wish me luck for my exams..dan kepada mereka yang turut menduduki peperiksaan..SALAM PERJUANGAN..!!


Pada suatu senja yang lenggang, terlihat seorang wanita berjalan
terhuyung-huyung. Pakaiannya yang serba hitam menandakan bahwa ia berada
dalam duka cita yang mencekam. Kerudungnya menangkup rapat hampir
seluruh wajahnya. Tanpa rias muka atau perhiasan menempel di tubuhnya.
Kulit yang bersih, badan yang ramping dan roman mukanya yang ayu,
tidakdapat menghapus kesan kepedihan yang tengah meruyak
hidupnya.Iamelangkah terseret-seret mendekati kediaman rumah Nabi Musa
a.s.Diketuknya pintu pelan-pelan sambil mengucapkan salam. Maka
terdengarlah ucapan dari dalam "Silakan masuk". Perempuan cantik itu
lalu berjalan masuk sambil kepalanya terus merunduk. Air matanya
berderai tatkala ia berkata, "Wahai Nabi Allah. Tolonglah saya,Doakan
saya agar Tuhan berkenan mengampuni dosa keji saya." "Apakah dosamu
wahai wanita ayu?" tanya Nabi Musa as terkejut. "Saya takut
mengatakannya." jawab wanita cantik."Katakanlah jangan ragu-ragu!" desak
Nabi Musa. Maka perempuan itupun terpatah bercerita, "Saya ......telah
berzina." Kepala Nabi Musa terangkat, hatinya tersentak.

Perempuan itu meneruskan, "Dari perzinaan itu saya pun......lantas

Setelah anak itu lahir, langsung saya....... cekik lehernya
sampai......tewas", ucap wanita itu seraya menagis sejadi-jadinya.Nabi
musaberapi-api matanya. Dengan muka berang ia menghardik," Perempuan
bejad, enyah kamu dari sini! Agar siksa Allah tidak jatuh ke dalam
rumahku karena perbuatanmu. Pergi!"...teriak Nabi Musa sambil
memalingkan mata karena jijik.

Perempuan berewajah ayu dengan hati bagaikan kaca membentur batu,hancur
luluh segera bangkit dan melangkah surut. Dia terantuk-antuk ke luar
dari dalam rumah Nabi Musa. Ratap tangisnya amat memilukan.Ia tak tahu
harus kemana lagi hendak mengadu. Bahkan ia tak tahu mau di bawa kemana
lagi kaki-kakinya. Bila seorang Nabi saja sudah menolaknya, bagaimana
pula manusia lain bakal menerimanya? Terbayang olehnya betapa besar
dosanya, betapa jahat perbuatannya. Ia tidak tahu bahwa sepeninggalnya,
Malaikat Jibril turun mendatangi Nabi Musa. Sang Ruhul Amin Jibril lalu
bertanya, "Mengapa engkau menolak

seorang wanita yang hendak bertobat dari dosanya? Tidakkah engkau tahu
dosa yang lebih besar daripadanya?" Nabi Musa terperanjat. "Dosa apakah
yang lebih besar dari kekejian wanita pezina dan pembunuh itu?" Maka
Nabi Musa dengan penuh rasa ingin tahu bertanya kepada Jibril.

"Betulkah ada dosa yang lebih besar dari pada perempuan yang nista
itu?"Ada!" jawab Jibril dengan tegas. "Dosa apakah itu?" tanya Musa kian
penasaran. "Orang yang meninggalkan sholat dengan sengaja dan tanpa
menyesal. Orang itu dosanya lebih besar dari pada seribu kali berzina".

Mendengar penjelasan ini Nabi Musa kemudian memanggil wanita tadi untuk
menghadap kembali kepadanya. Ia mengangkat tangan dengan khusuk untuk
memohonkan ampunan kepada Allah untuk perempuan tersebut. Nabi Musa
menyadari, orang yang meninggalkan sembahyang dengan sengaja dan tanpa
penyesalan adalah sama saja seperti berpendapat bahwa sembahyang itu
tidak wajib dan tidak perlu atas dirinya.Berarti ia seakan-akan
menganggap remeh perintah Tuhan, bahkan seolah-olah menganggap Tuhan
tidak punya hak untuk mengatur dan memerintah hamba-Nya. Sedang orang
yang bertobat dan menyesali

dosanya dengan sungguh-sungguh berarti masih mempunyai iman didadanya
dan yakin bahwa Allah itu berada di jalan ketaatan kepada-Nya. Itulah
sebabnya Tuhan pasti mau menerima kedatangannya. Dikutip dari buku 30
kisah teladan - KH > Abdurrahman Arroisy)

Monday, March 31, 2008

~half a loaf is better than none~

i was reading a novel entitled "going home" by harriet evans..actually it was a birthday present from my seniors..(thanx guys)..the novel is more like a biography of the writer..as i was reading it,then came a friend of mine..her name is Khadijah(a moroccan)..i knew her last semester..she is actually my junior..but since last semester i need to repeat few subjects so most of the time we were together..but this semester we don't always hang out together since my classes is in the evening and her's is in the morning..instead of that,she always come to my house at night(after maghrib..) just to see me(nak lepak2 sekali..)..or sometimes,she'll ask me about studies..(mcm contohnye..assignment ni nak buat mcm mane..pastu lecturer ni susah tak bagi markah??)rase macam terharu pulak..ade org nak tunjuk ajar dari kite..huhu..bagus jugak dia ade...at least i can revise back what i've learnt last year..but whenever i look at her,she reminds me of myself last time..(mintak tolong kat arab..sanggup overnight at umah kawan..just to understand what i'm learning..)..kadang-kadang kite taktau..samada kawan tu suka atau tak kalau kite datang umah dia..

from here..i understand something..knowledge is not "something" that is easy to get..(kalau senang dapat..senang juga dia pergi)..like last time..i was poor in Arabic..so poor..i can't even say "my name is shahirah" in arabic..so i took an initiative to learn Arabic from a Moroccan..(memang rase mcm sedih je..dahla dia x reti nak cakap english..so kalau nak terangkan apa2..kene la gune pelbagai teknik dan salah satu daripadanya adalah bahasa isyarat..huhu..pastu garang pulak tu..kalau tak hafal kaedah..dia taknak ajar..cube bayangkan..sejam perjalanan nak ke rumah dia..naik bas..last2 dia wat x reti je..waa..time tu..hati ni rase macam dah hangus dah..bukan terbakar lagi)..kalau nak ikutkan hati..agak geram la jugak pada ape dia pernah buat kat kite..tapi kalau ikutkan..tanpa ilmu yg dia bg tu..agaknya sampai sekarang la daku ni masih gagap2 lagi nak speaking arab..(dahla bahasa melayu pon tak reti..bahasa omputeh pon macam ayam je..ni kan la pulak bahasa arab..tapi alhamdulillah la..kalau dulu cakap arab,terkerut2 kawan2 arab cube nak faham ape yang daku nak ucapkan..tapi kini,kurangla sikit kerutan yang ada kat dahi dan pipi diorg tu..huhu)..bila fikir2 balik..memang benar..dengan satu kejahatan@keburukan@kesilapan mampu membunuh seribu kebaikan..tapi renungla sejenak..utk memikirkan seribu kebaikan yang pernah orang itu lakukan pada kita..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008



bile dah lama cuti..rase mcm malas sangat nak gi class..i'm in the forth semester now..3 semesters to go..insyaAllah..(doakan yer..)..all of my cousins keep on trying to make me jealous..example like they'll tell me whenever they had fun with adam..or like.."today we were having nasi with sambal sotong.."..ish..saje je mereka itu..!!!yesterday..i was chatting with my aunty(che ros) and her daughters..seriously..made me miss my family so much..!!ni yg nak cepat2 habis belajar..huhu..

then today..i have only one class..in the afternoon..tapi saje je gi class awal..(sebenarnya nak siapkan assignment kat Uni..kalau kat umah tak jadi kerja..hehe..kalau tak..nak gi Uni tepat pada waktu agak sukar la sikit..huhu)...then,while i was waiting in front of my classroom,tetibe my tok penghulu wanted to give some money(duit claim) that i've used for the Maulidul rasul programme last Thursday..i was looking at the envelope since i saw a 50dirham in it..because he gave me 100dirham but he only owe me 50dirham..(malas nak tukar2 duit)..time tgh tengok2 tu..tetibe my ustaz (taktau dari arah mana dia dtg) nak lalu..ish..segan tol..(mesti dia cakap..ape la budak ni tengah buat..terhendap-hendap)..last year was more tragic..i wanted to ask him a question regarding my assignment..while i was walking towards him..suddenly i fell in front of him.. (he was so shocked and wanted to help me from falling.. tapi tak sempat... siap cakap.."Allah..Allah..Allah") .. luckily there was nobody in the class..adoiii..maluuuu...satu hari tadi rase mcm segan sangat..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

{-lucky draw anybody???-}

{-lucky draw anybody??-}

bro banji is organizing a lucky draw competition..so the prize is quite cool..!!go check it out at his blog for further information..bro banji's blog

Saturday, March 15, 2008

{-no news is good news-}

hurm..no news is good news??i was reading an article and suddenly found this qoute..sorry for not updating this blog because i was soooo busy lately..with the programmes.. school..assignments..plus with my laptop suddenly rosak made my mood fled away..tak best kalau nak update blog pinjam orang lain punye laptop..huhu..entahla..suddenly my "touchpad" xnak detect..pulak tu keyboard rosak..alamak..duit lagi..!!huhu..ok..eventhough this story is a bit "dah basi" tapi i want to share with you guys..hehe..last month(february) on 21 and 22 was held an event called "Hari Malaysia"..it was a lot of fun..rase mcm balik kampung pon ada jugak sebab semua student malaysia yang ade kat morocco ni berkumpul..(eventhough there are few of them can't attend but still the event was cool)..actually this event is to expose or to let moroccan people know about Malaysia..what we do..what we ware..where is malaysia situated..pendek kata semua pasal malaysia la..so there were presentations from the malaysian students(boys) like zapin,dikir barat,nasyid,silat, fashion show(tak sangka pulak yang diorg ni ada bakat tersepit jadi model..hehe)..
the fashion show is mainly about Malaysians costumes..like,kurta,baju pengantin..baju melayu..baju kadazan..and others..then, there were exhibition stalls like tourism,costumes,cultural,food,games and lots more..i was incharge to help my friend at the tourism stall..(tapi selalu lari-lari kat stall makanan malaysia..sbb ade tester..hehe)..tapi bagus jugak ada program ni..dulu kat malaysia lansung tak amik kesah pasal seni warisan ni..gamelan pon taktau ape mende..to me..tak penting pon semua mende2 ni..(teruk tol..selfish la makcik sorg ni)..tapi itu dulu la..lps adanya program ni..baru la kelam-kabut nak tau pasal semua ni..pasal sejarah..pasal malaysia..hehe..sebelum tu seminggu jugak rumahku dilanda "demam nostalgia"..dengar lagu etnik kreatif je..pastu asyik cerita pasal makanan malaysia je..website pon pasal prihal malaysia je..hehe..(haa..baru tau..)..anyway.. i would like to say congratulations to all malaysian student yg ade kat morocco ni..(alhamdulillah..the event went smoothly..and everybody loves it)..and thank you very much to kak azuwachan sebab tolong carikan maklumat and bagi videos pasal tarian malaysia..and for most to our embassador..!!thank you for being so supportive..this are few photos of hantaran perkahwinan that me and my friends did for the exhibition..daun sirih xde..so kami tukar dgn daun bunga raya..alaa..org arab ni bukan tau pon..(so sesape warga morocco yg nak menikah..utk tempahan hantaran..sila hubungi sy di talian _ _ _ _ _...hehe)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

{beauty of math}

i found out this through my friendster's bulletin..kinda cool..!check it out..

1 x 8 + 1 = 9
12 x 8 + 2 = 98
123 x 8 + 3 = 987
1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876
12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765
123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654
1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543
12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432
123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111
123456789 x 9 +10= 1111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88
98 x 9 + 6 = 888
987 x 9 + 5 = 8888
9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888
98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888
987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888
9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888
98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

Brilliant, isn ' t it?

And look at this symmetry:

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111=12345678987654321

Now, takes a look at this...


From a strictly mathematical viewpoint:

What Equals 100%? What does it mean to
give MORE than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say
they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been in situations where
someone wants you to GIVE OVER

How about ACHIEVING 101%?

What equals 100% in life?

Here ' s a little mathematical formula
that might help answer these



Is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


H-A-R-D-W-O-R- K

8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%



11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%



1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

THEN, look how far the love of God will
take you:


12+15+22+5+15+6+7+15+4 = 101%

Therefore, one can conclude with
mathematical certainty that:

While Hard Work and Knowledge will get
you close, and Attitude will
get you there, It ' s the Love of God
that will put you over the top!

may ALLAH bless you..!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

{-my birthday-}

i actually supposed to update this entry last thurday..but i have other things need to be done first..tu yg lambat sikit..last wednesday(13/2/2008) was my 20th birthday..Alhamdulillah..Allah masih panjangkan umur ini..i was in Casablanca last weekend..spending the weekend at my juniors' house since they keep on asking me why i'm so busy lately(yerla..bila mereka ke rumah,daku tiada..pergi kerja..)..so untuk hilangkan rase bersalah..lagipun dah habis kerja..so kaktie(my housemate),kaksu(my senior) and i planned to spend the weekend at their house..beside that,there was a book exhibition, held in Casablanca..so on saturday,we slept at my friend's house in Mohamedia..then the nextday,we took a bus from Mohamedia to Casablanca..about 25min journey..(biarpon pening2 tapi jimat duit..)..so that day..we just spent the time at "souk qadim" in Casablanca..hari isnin baru pergi pesta buku..actually we supposed to return home on tuesday morning..but suddenly we changed plan..lagipon class tak start lagi..dah sebulan tak gi sekolah.. :(..

so on tuesday evening..all of us had dinner at one of the pizza store nearby their house..on the way back..mcm biasala..jalan kaki..then that night..we watch a korean drama..princess hour(umah adik-adik tak masuk internet lagi..huhu..tu la pasal tgk korean drama ramai-ramai)..that night i slept early..(sebab dah tengok dah cite princess hour tu)..about 12 a.m terjaga dari tidur. .tapi macam mengantuk-mengantuk lagi la..then i saw the others macam baru start nak tidur..so i thought they were on the way to bed..then a few minutes later,i heard like a kecoh-kecoh..then i went suspicious..apsal plak diorg ni kecoh-kecoh..??then i heard one of my junior said "ala..si t-rex ni..dia akan bangun kalau semua orang bangun.."..T-REX is one of my junior's name (athirah)..then i said to myself "why didn't they wake me up?"..so i just continue pretending that i was asleep..(menyorok dalam selimut..)..at the meantime..i was thinking.."ape la diorg nak buat ni..?baik aku jangan sambung tidur.."..because i still remember what my high school friends did when it comes to someone's birthday..(hehe..daku pon join jugak..macam tukar bedak orang tu kepada tepung..pastu lumur masker(telur..tepung..pastu ape entah lagi ramuan yang kami jumpa) kat muke diorg time diorg tengah tidur..huhu..so takut pula budak2 ni revenge..mana la tau diorg plan nak buat macam tu ke..so..baik jangan tidur..huhu..then i heard someone's coming..kaktie was waking me up slowly..

~ni kek housemate belanja~

she : shirot..shirot..meh la bangun..

me : (still thinking..nak buat2 tidur or nak sergah kaktie..hehe..sebab kalau nak buat2 tidur..tapi myself tak nyenyak dah..so baik sergah dia..hehe)

she : shirot..shirot..

me : bhah..!!

kaktie terkejut sesangat!!dah la dalam gelap..siap bawak torchlight nak kejutkan daku..kaksu time tu dah frust because she tought that the "suprise" was ruin..because she was like
"alaaaa..!!"..but don't worry kaksu..it's still a suprise to me..thanx..tak sangka pon diorang nak wat macam tu because sepanjang hari tu diorg buat relax jer..takde gaya-gaya beli kek sorok2..rupe-rupenye time on the way nak balik umah dari kedai pizza tu diorg singgah kedai kek..daku tak perasan coz t-rex suruh balik umah lalu "short-cut"..memang tak aspect ape2 pon time tu..diorg sanggup bersengkang mata untuk tunggu pukul 12 malam to celebrate my birthday..sweet kan??hehe..kaktie and the rest belanja ice-cream chocolate cake..then on wednesday afternoon, i returned home..(kene balik sebab teringat turn memasak hari ni..pastu cheese cake yang daku buat hari sabtu hari tu still tak berusik..dalam resepi suruh simpan semalaman je..daku simpan 5 malam..hehe)..my housemate belanja ice-cream chocolate cake jugak..pastu ade la hadiah2 lain2..yang tak tahan tu..pakcik yang jual cermin mata kat souk qadim tu pon bagi hadiah..hehe..tu ha..spectacle's case..huhu..

thank you so much for those who gave me presents,send me sms,friendster's massages and comments..my family(DAKU SAYANG KAMU SEMUA..!!)..my housemate..(i hope that this ukhwah will last long and dapat keredhaan dari-Nya)..my seniors..ust and ustazah..terima kasih yang tak terhingga..akan ku kenang kalian,insyaAllah..my juniors..my friends..(cikkak2 yang duduk kat mohamedia tu dan mereka2 yang berada di seluruh dunia..)..dan pada kalian yang setia membaca blogku yang agak merepek..merapu and meraban ni..(ape2 pon..i love my blog..!)..(fuyooo..daku dah 20thn..wow..!!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

{-identity card-}

i need to renew my identity card today..since it's the last day(sbb dah tarikh tamat kad..nanti jadi P.A.T.I pulak)..so right after i woke up from sleep,i've planned my day..so the first thing i'll do today is to take a picture of mine(gambar pasport) at the shop near my house..so about 10 a.m baru keluar umah..sebab kedai gambar baru nak buka..tapi hampa je..because the shop still closed..so i went to the city center..took a bus there..the bus was kinda full..here in morocco they still use the "conductor bus system" where by the conducter bus will collect the bus fare..since that..i was waiting for the lady so that i can pay..tunggu punya tunggu..akak tu tak sampai-sampai jugak..until i've reached the city center..but then while i was in the bus,i thought the conductor lady was standing in front of the bus(because she's wearing a white scarf and at the same time,there was a lady,wearing a white scarf standing in front of the bus..near the entrance,beside the driver)..so i said to myself,nevermind..before i get off the bus,i'll give her the money..(time tu ade 5dirham..bus fare hanye 4 dirham..so cakap dengan diri sendiri..xpela..baki tu halal kan aje la)..so when i've reached the city center bustop,daku cuit the lady and wanted to gave her the money..guess what happen??waaa..i was wrong..it was not the conductor bus..!!salah orang..!!malunye..!!that lady was so terkejut..dah la dia tengah makan biskut..mesti dia cakap..apahal lak makcik sorg ni nak bagi aku duit..??huhu..so nak cover malu..i just get off the bus and walk..!!dalam hati..mak ai..malunye..dah la driver bas tu pon tengok ape yang daku buat..!!bile nak lintas jalan i said to myself.."alamak..macam mane ni..x bayar..!xpela..bile nak balik nanti,i'll take the same type of bus"..so after i take my picture at one of the shop in madina(city center),i went to the police station to settle my identity card..(fuh..i was lucky i reached there before they went to lunch..the moroccans will just ignore everybody when it comes to lunch hour..ish..geram tau..diorg buat blur jer kalau ade org datang time makan tengah hari..cube bayangkan,dah la datang jauh2 tetibe diorg cakap tunggu sampai pukul 2 petang nanti..walaupun lunch hour dia lagi 10 min pon diorg xnak layan..sbb area lunch hour diorg..pendek kata kalau nak buat ape2 urusan kene sebelum pukul 12 tengah hari..kalau tak..sakit hati je nanti..)..then after i've settle everything,lepak kat park kejap,read my novel for a while because i think i want to see a ginecologist after lunch hour..wanted to ask few question..then about 1.30 p.m,i went to a pharmacy nearby,to ask where is the nearest ginecologist..then the lady said "at the opposite building"..so i went there..kebetulan ade Doctor turun..so i asked her..where can i see a ginecologist..nak tau dia jawab ape??"dik..ni bukan klinik or a private hospital..this is actually an office(kire macam office kementerian kesihatan).."mak ai..malu lagi..after saying thank you..i feel like wanted to go home..rasa macam mengantuk pula..on the way to the bustop,i suddenly remember that i need to take the same type of bus which i took earlier this morning..adoii..kene patah balik sebab kalau nak amik bas tu kene tunggu kat perhentian bas lain..hurm..then in the bus..i called the conductor bus lady that i wanted to pay double because i didn't pay during the first ride..then she said.."oo..nevermind..just pay for this one..just act like you went for a free trip to madina.."..dalam hati..'ceh..buat penat je patah balik..tapi xpela..bukan senang nak naik bas free'

Monday, February 4, 2008

{-what is respect mainly about-}

respect..a very important action in a relationship..tak kesah la relation ape pon..antara ahli keluarga,person that we love,or friends..we always ask people to respect us..but have we recpect others before?kadang-kadang kita dengar orang cakap kat kite atau kita cakap kat org "ko ni takde respect kat aku lansung ke??" atau ayat yang lebih familiar "aku tak sangka ko tak hormat aku..kalau taknak respect jawatan aku...respect la aku sbg (abg,kakak,kawan,bf)"..to me..to receive something,you,yourself need to start or do something first..yerla..macam kita nak dapat project besar,kite kene anjurkan makan malam free tak pon labur duit kita sendiri..baru dapat pulangan..it is just the same thing but in a different way..so..to be respect,you must respect others first..tapi macam mane pulak kalau kita dah bertahun-tahun respect orang..tapi orang tak respect kita pon..ok..kalau macam tu..mungkin dia seorang je yang tak respect kita..tapi ade beribu-ribu orang lain yang respect kita..cuma kita sahaja tidak tahu atau tidak sedar..but don't worry..if the "intention" in the right path, everything will be ok,insyaAllah..

"respect" also can be found in making decision or in receiving somebody's decision..yerla..kalau nak buat satu keputusan,bukan hanya memikirkan diri sendiri..contohnya"alaa..aku takut dia ni marah aku la..ko takyah la buat..ikutla ape kau nak fikir pon..tapi aku tak bagi..sebab aku taknak dia marah kat aku"..if we only keep on thinking about "aku" and neglecting about what "kau" feels..tu yang susah tuh..that is actually should be removed..kadang-kadang orang respect keputusan kita,tapi kita tak respect keputusan orang..kalau macam tu..macam mana nak capai satu keharmonian..setiap orang ada alasan atau sebab yang berbeza apabila dia melakukan satu tindakan..dan kita tak perlu menghukum tapi perlu belajar menerima yang baik dan buruk..

{-thank you-}

kak jun,thanx for this wonderful award..seriously wanted to be like you..a very good cook.. :)..huhu..meh la datang sini..then i'll cook for you moroccan's delight..(eceh..macam reti je)..once again..thank you very much..!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

being confused

muke adam tengah confused

friends or family..sometimes,it's hard to choose either one..nak jaga hati kawan..but at the same time nak turut kata family..biasa la tu..i think everybody have this kind of moment before..nak diluah mati mak..nak ditelan mati bapak..(hehe..dah xingat pepatah ni..sorry kalau salah)..it's getting harder when the person that we love take part..macam boyfriend ke..tunang..husband..fuh..ni lagi pening..to me..family is the most important person in life..then followed by the person that we love..(tapi bagi perempuan yang dah berkahwin,lain pulak)..then followed by friends..this situations always occurs when making decision..my sister have her own vision about person..she said support from family make us feel like we're exist but support from the person that we love made us wanna move forward..and support from friends made us feel like we are on the right track..(tu yang bahaya..kalau jalan yang salah pon dia akan rase betul..)setiap manusia mempunyai impian untuk memuaskan hati semua orang..kadang-kadang ia mustahil..tapi kadang-kadang ia boleh menjadi kenyataan..jadi dalam setiap situasi,kita kene bijak membuat pilihan..like my mommy once said (mesti korg mcm boring je..asyik2 mak dia..sorry guys..to me..my mommy is my idol-fuyoo..my mommy sure bangga bile dia baca ni.."mak..jgn kembang-kembang sangat..hehe")..once we was at a kenduri kahwin..kan sekarang trend buat hidang makanan secara buffet..so at the table tempat pilih2 makanan tu..my mom tengok je kat one of her friend ni..(perempuan ok..!)..kebetulan time nak ambil pinggan,ade satu pinggan ni serpih,so kawan my mom ni pon pilih pinggan yang betul2 dia pastikan xde serpih macam pinggan sebelumnye..then my mom said.."tengok aunty tu..nak pilih pinggan pon she chose the best.."..so from here i understand that,everything..i mean EVERYTHING need to be decide..!and always respect yourself..if we don't even respect ourselves..(like makcik tu, kalau dia selamba je gune or makan atas pinggan serpih tu and just couldn't careless about what will effect her after-eventhough sikit je effect nyer- maknanya dia pon tak kesah kat diri dia which means don't respect herself)..everything and every problems have it's own solution..so it's up to us to create or search for the best solution..but like i said earlier..mustahil bagi seseorang itu untuk memuaskan hati semua orang..tapi kalau keputusannya tak melanggar garis panduan yang telah ditetapkan oleh Islam(ALLAH dan Rasul-NYA) dan yang terbaik dalam banyak2 keputusan..why don't just we give it a shot..!tak kesah la kalau tak dapat sokongan secara zahir..sebab kadang-kadang dalam diam ade suara-suara sokongan yang tak dapat dizahirkan akibat dihalang.. :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008



So SAD..Feel like wanna cry..!!to take care both heart..but my heart hurts..mcm mane ni???

Thursday, January 17, 2008

{-happy birthday to her-}

{-happy birthday to her-}

hehe..actually i miss my blog so much..so curi2 masa sikit nak update..(skrg tgh lunch hour)..nobody at the office..only me and the cleaning lady..everybody go for lunch..(me??bajet laa..biasiswa x masuk lg..huhu..so bawak bekal..got some bread which i bought lastweek..nasib baik x berkulat lg..huhu..mcm ni la..bila duduk jauh dgn parents..pastu xde duit..xpe..nnt bila masuk biasiswa..daku la org plg kaya..muhahaha..!!!)..

ish..tgh2 update blog..tetibe ade customer dtg..dah la entah pape..x faham2..aku kata plan umah xde lg..nnt br dikuarkan...x faham2 gak..dah la kene cakap ulang2..den cukup x suke kalau kene ckp ulang2..(rasenye dah ckp sefus-hah yang mungkin dah..)..cubit smpi lebam kang br tau..dah la dia maki cleaning lady td..kesian dia..dia nak tgk ape daku buat..ish..kayo je lebih..kang jd mcm siqarun tu baru ko tau..

after the customer left..i tought the cleaning lady few malay words like "kakak".."makcik"..(cukupla..2 perkataan satu hari..nnt lupe plak..)..the cleaning lady's name is Rabiah..she is so kind..so starting from now i will not called her Rabiah anymore..i'll call her "makcik rabiah"..(suke sgt dia..sbb org arab ni..mak ayah diorg pon panggil nama je)..

actually wanted to tell what happen last sunday..but then lunch hour nak abis dah..nevermind la..next time i'll tell..(ni semua sbb si belagak tu..)..anyway...yesterday is my housemate's birthday..happy birthday fie..!!haha..awk je yg dah umur 21..kami semua 19 thn lg..(yerla..like myself consider 19 la..sbb belum birthday lg..hehe.. :-P)

Friday, January 11, 2008


to celebrate my "adulthood" thingy, i searched a job and got one..a real cool one which is totally not in my field (islamic studies)..weekdays i need to do admin jobs like typing and labeling the assets, counting and many more..and on weekend i do sales(selling house to moroccan people)..i worked in a Malaysian company called Al-hidayah Development (the first Malaysian company that arrived in morocco..yerla..sape la nak wat bisnes kat morocco ni..ade yg x pernah dgr morocco tu kat mane..kecik ati den yg bljr kat sini)..

so the firstday went well..but the second day was cooooler than the firstday which i can drive the company's car..!!how cool is that..!!so i drove from Tamesna(where's the company's project is situated) to Rabat(but not to my house because it's a bit dangerous driving in Morocco's city..yerla daku pon bawak kete macam perempuan mabuk..huhu..sebab dah setahun setengah tak bawak kereta..pulak tu lepas dapat lesen..bawak kete auto..mana bawak manual..dapat lak kete kompani..kete manual..memang tunggang-langgang la..).but whatever it is my boss is so coool..!!

i really respect my boss..(dalam atiku berkata patutla dia ni kayo..baik ghupenye)..yerla..satu perkara yg plg membuatkan ku takjub adelah prinsip dia..he always washes his own plate whenever he finishes his meal..he said that "i always dreamed to be an important man in this life..rich..famous..so when i've become one..i can't do gardening..because i'm scared if i don't have time for it or something else..i can't do cleaning..surely i've paid somebody to do that for me..so..one thing that's left for me is washing my own plate.."

everyday he will come to work early..earlier than his employees..(segan gak daku)..suddenly i remembered what my mommy said..(mak cukup pantang kalau kiteorg sambung tdo lps solat subuh..tak pon bangun lambat..dia kata kalau nak rezeki murah..bangun awal-awal pagi..sembahyang..doa..pastu kalau takde keje..cari keje..yang penting JGN tdo..!!kalau arwah nenek lg la..mmg dia bebel pastu bgtau satu dunia kalau dia nampak cucu perempuan dia tido bukan pada waktunya..(bagus gak dia wat mcm tu..pedoman..huhu)..then one day..time tu on the way nak gi sekolah..the distance from my house to my school is quite far..rawang dengan KL..dulu nak gi rawang takde highway..macam skrg..so memang jauh la..keluar umah dalam kul 4 pagi camgitu..tetibe sampai kat satu trafic light*kat gombak*..sebelah my mommy's car ade satu kereta besar ni..driver dia org cina..pakai kot..kemas..sikat rambut semua la..maybe on the way nak gi keje kot..pastu mak cakap "sheah..tengok tu..macam mane diorg ni tak kaya..kul 4 pagi dah bangun gi keje.."

if we looked back to the al-quran in surah an-naba' ayat 10-11..Allah told us that

10. And made the night as clothing
11. And made the day for livelihood

so from here we understand that..night is symbolize as clothing which means we do something relaxing..like sleep..qiammullail..so night is the time for us to relax..and day time is for us to live alive..cari rezeki and so on..

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

{-bye 2007-]

alhamdulillah..a new year has come..may this year be better than the previous years..one of my uncle said that "semalam adalah sejarah dan esok adalah teka-teki" so to solve that "teka-teki" we must try our best to get the answer..(yerla..mcm selalu kite main teka-teki..mesti la nak fikir betul2 untuk dapatkan jawapannya)..

new year..some celebrate it with joyful..having fun..and some of them celebrate it with bacaan yasin or solat hajat and some of them just do nothing..(huhu)..

there was this hadith which it's "mafhum" is little bit like this (yerla..klu lafaz salah..kan dah dikira orang yang tak dobit(tepat)..)

sabda Nabi Muhammad salallahu alaihi wassalam"barangsiapa yang hari ini lebih baik dari semalam digolong dalam golongan orang yang beruntung..barangsiapa yang hari ini sama dengan semalam digolong dalam golongan orang yang rugi..dan barangsiapa yang semalam lebih baik dari hari ini digolong dalam golongan orang yang celaka"

try to do this every night before u sleep..think(muhasabah)..which one is u..and put an affort to create "tomorrow will be a better day"..insyaAllah..(bukan sahaja berkaitan dengan prihal harian..tetapi termasuk juga amalam kita kepada Allah..)

yesterday was my last day in the age of 19..(lps ni dah puluhan dah..ala..hilang dah belasan tahun..hurm..tua dah..to myself..welcome to adulthood..huhu)