Friday, January 30, 2009


Today,I have a meeting with my supervisor (musyrif bahas) who is incharge to supervise my final project.See how time flies..I'm a final-year student already..yehaa..!

Lots of work need to be done..time is ticking..I have almost 2 months left for me to submit my final project..(ish..sempat ke ni??)..insyaAllah my final project is regarding "The miracle of Al-quran on Surah Ar-rahman ayat 7" which is related to how did God (Allah) built the sky and it can stand without any Imad(tiang/mast or a strong pole) to support it from i will do a research on what is the composition and component of the sky...

At first I wanted to do "Relation between astronomy and believing in the existance of God" and my supervisor agreed on that topic..but suddenly something else turn up..(semuanya kerana buku ini)..

one day in november 2008 (i don't remember the exact date) i went to meet my supervisor to discuss the next step for my project..he keep staring on the book that I'm holding at that moment "Ilmu Falak edisi kedua oleh Baharuddin Zainal" i told him about few reference that i found which is really useful for my for an example this book..(the "book") and bla..bla..bla..

He : What does this says? (he is asking about the title of that book)
me : haza? 'ilmu falak, taba'ah thaniah li Baharuddin Zainal (this? Ilmu falak edisi kedua oleh Baharuddin Zainal)

Then he starts to turn over the pages and found a picture and asked me what was that..So I said that it was about the king in the past wanted to pray (when it comes to prayer time like zohor and so on) where by they refer to the sun and shadow for qiblah..

He : izan, maza yatahaddath fi hazihi sofhah (so,what does it says on this page?)
Me : 'anil kaifiyat tatawwur ilmu falak fi Malizya (It is about the development of astronomy in Malaysia)
He : Mizyan (good)
He: izan,maza uridu minki howa an tutarjimina haza kitab kulluha fi muddah taqriban khomsa asyhur (ok..what i want you to do is..translate this book..all of it..five months from now)
Me : Speechless (mak ai..tak tau nak cakap ape..terkejut..5 bulan..200 m/s..fuh..)
He : Hal tastati'in? (can you do it?)
Me : smile (tak tahu la apa tafsiran senyuman tu..sebab terkedu tak terkata)
He : Attamanna laki tawfiq,InsyaAllah (i hope all the best for you,InsyaAllah)
Me : Syukran
He : Lau lam tastati'in,qulliha li,ta'rifina raqmi?(if you can't,just tell you have my number?)
Me : Na'am (yes),syukran ustaz
He : Afwan

I was,should i just stop doing on what i'm doing right now or just continue?

Me : walakin ustaz,kaifa ma'a marhalah al-bahs al-lati marartu biha?(and how about the proses and step and all the research that I've done?)
He : La baksa..sanudifu fi tarjamah (no problem,we just add it on your translation)
Me : wa kaifa ma'a marhalah muqbilah?
He : tantabihina 'ala terjemah awwalan..(just concentrate on the translation first)
Me : Wakho (OK),syukran ustaz
He : afwan

so..that was the story..balik rumah..keliru..then kak lilah gave some moral support saying that it is actually a grand opportunity for me..memanglah kena susah sekarang..nanti akan jumpa kesenangannya kelak..

thanks akak..

Who is this supervisor anyway?

ok..His name is Dr.Idriss Kharchaff.Have several PhD on different Major..Can communicate in Arabic,Spanish,French,English.Always been invited to give talks on science and al-Quran.Really sporting(kadang2 pakai jeans and jaket je kalau mengajar..tapi kalau bagi talk kene la smart..).Punctual (salah satu contoh Arab yang tepati masa..sangat kagum..sebab susah nak jumpa arab yang tepati masa..belajar "janji melayu" kot)..suka bagi nasihat..suka membantu..tak kesah nak luangkan waktu dengan pelajar yang inginkan ilmu..ada satu malam tu dia call daku..tanya macam mana dengan project..~terharu..~ mcm ayah la dia ni..

setelah dua bulan berfikir..tak sangka Allah tu ada perancangan yang lebih baik untukku..dulu daku amat mengagumi Mahathir Lokman..sebab dia leh cakap macam2 bahasa..teringin nak jadi penterjemah macam dia..adakah ini salah satu langkah untukku menuju impian??

doakan kejayaan saya ya..!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

{malas nih..!}

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

wah..ini budak sudah lama x update blog..nak kene rotan ni..=D huhu..

I've been lazy lately (it's supposed to be busy but the "lazy" is more powerful..)..kihkihkih..i did few changes because i got bored with the old people can't comment on it..i tried to change the setting but still nothing..

i have lots of stuff to share..because many things happened but don't know where to start..hurm...