Wednesday, February 6, 2008

{-identity card-}

i need to renew my identity card today..since it's the last day(sbb dah tarikh tamat kad..nanti jadi P.A.T.I pulak) right after i woke up from sleep,i've planned my the first thing i'll do today is to take a picture of mine(gambar pasport) at the shop near my about 10 a.m baru keluar umah..sebab kedai gambar baru nak buka..tapi hampa je..because the shop still i went to the city center..took a bus there..the bus was kinda in morocco they still use the "conductor bus system" where by the conducter bus will collect the bus fare..since that..i was waiting for the lady so that i can pay..tunggu punya tunggu..akak tu tak sampai-sampai jugak..until i've reached the city center..but then while i was in the bus,i thought the conductor lady was standing in front of the bus(because she's wearing a white scarf and at the same time,there was a lady,wearing a white scarf standing in front of the bus..near the entrance,beside the driver) i said to myself,nevermind..before i get off the bus,i'll give her the money..(time tu ade 5dirham..bus fare hanye 4 cakap dengan diri sendiri..xpela..baki tu halal kan aje la) when i've reached the city center bustop,daku cuit the lady and wanted to gave her the money..guess what happen??waaa..i was was not the conductor bus..!!salah orang..!!malunye..!!that lady was so terkejut..dah la dia tengah makan biskut..mesti dia cakap..apahal lak makcik sorg ni nak bagi aku duit..?? nak cover malu..i just get off the bus and walk..!!dalam hati..mak ai..malunye..dah la driver bas tu pon tengok ape yang daku buat..!!bile nak lintas jalan i said to myself.."alamak..macam mane ni..x bayar..!xpela..bile nak balik nanti,i'll take the same type of bus" after i take my picture at one of the shop in madina(city center),i went to the police station to settle my identity card..(fuh..i was lucky i reached there before they went to lunch..the moroccans will just ignore everybody when it comes to lunch hour..ish..geram tau..diorg buat blur jer kalau ade org datang time makan tengah hari..cube bayangkan,dah la datang jauh2 tetibe diorg cakap tunggu sampai pukul 2 petang nanti..walaupun lunch hour dia lagi 10 min pon diorg xnak layan..sbb area lunch hour diorg..pendek kata kalau nak buat ape2 urusan kene sebelum pukul 12 tengah hari..kalau tak..sakit hati je nanti..)..then after i've settle everything,lepak kat park kejap,read my novel for a while because i think i want to see a ginecologist after lunch hour..wanted to ask few question..then about 1.30 p.m,i went to a pharmacy nearby,to ask where is the nearest ginecologist..then the lady said "at the opposite building" i went there..kebetulan ade Doctor i asked her..where can i see a ginecologist..nak tau dia jawab ape??" bukan klinik or a private hospital..this is actually an office(kire macam office kementerian kesihatan).."mak ai..malu lagi..after saying thank you..i feel like wanted to go home..rasa macam mengantuk pula..on the way to the bustop,i suddenly remember that i need to take the same type of bus which i took earlier this morning..adoii..kene patah balik sebab kalau nak amik bas tu kene tunggu kat perhentian bas lain..hurm..then in the bus..i called the conductor bus lady that i wanted to pay double because i didn't pay during the first ride..then she said.."oo..nevermind..just pay for this one..just act like you went for a free trip to madina.."..dalam hati..'ceh..buat penat je patah balik..tapi xpela..bukan senang nak naik bas free'

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