Friday, June 29, 2007

laugh lying

[-laugh lying-]

dunno why..after woke up from my short death..suddenly i felt all it about what happened yesterday??i dunno..but all my tears vanished immediately with adam's power..because i heard from my sister about Adam's naughtiness..yesterday,mak and kak ain went to the hospital to bring adam for his medical check-up..then when they want to take adam's weight,he need to be naked mak help kak ain to take Adam's clothes off..guess what??adam farted..kuat pulak tuh!! argh..bertuah punye budak..dahla dia ada ot-ot sikit atas scale tu..hehe..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the tour

[-the tour-]

waa..lamenye x update..everything is last..of all the hard works..i've passed my exams..(fuh..yay..!sem ni berjaya membuat mak x bebel..hehe..)alhamdulillah..all the praise to the Almighty God..Allah..yay..!victory..(hoping that it will continue..kan adam??)actually right after my last paper..there were a group of malaysians..(ustaz mohd and his mother..makcik rohani..and his sister..kak fariza) came to morocco for a holiday..they arrived on 4th of June..(i cooked that day)..i was throwing the rubbish at the bigbin outside my house, then kak kay(my senior) came up to me and say.."sheera..nak ikut ustaz gi Spain x??sheera ade kawan kat sane kan??"..i was this a dream or what??..i quickly answered"haa??mesti la nak akak..tapi..kite xde duit ni..tinggal 100dh je..nak tambang gi sane pon x lps.."she replied.."xpe..ustaz kata..dia support semua.."..(wow!).."klu nak ikut siap cepat yea..nak bertolak malam ni jugak..dlm pukul 1pg japgi..siapkan semua brg yer..jgn lupe inform kawan yg kat sane tuh.."..the i entered my darling house and wash all the dishes..then pack up my stuff and when to my seniors' house to confirm everything..i send an offline msg to min(my friend in France which i thought she was in Spain..) hour later she replies.."sheera..colmar and spain jauh..sure ke nak turun ni..?"i answered.."yup..tapi dlm 5 ladies and a man.."...about 12 a.m 5th june..makcik rohani and kak fariza came to my house..(i was not ready yet..)..about 15min later..ustaz came and we took the taxi to the train station and straight to Tangier..(malu bangat timing ni sebab ckp french merepek2..bajet terer la counter tu pecah gelak..nasib baik xde org..aku pon ketawa r..cover malu..huhu)..sampai tangier at 7.45 a.m..then terus ke catch a ferry to Spain(Algeciras)..arrived about 2pm(Spain time)..then take a bus to Granada..Granada was very's like a town of a museum..the buildings..i am totally speechless..but what i can say about Granada is beautiful..!wow!..we went to Alhambra..where there was a castle there..(sgt cantik..rase mcm xmo blk!)..the next day..we went to visit the mosque which been switched to a church by the Christians..after have a look at the mosque..i felt very sad..then search for a restaurant to eat..!we were starving to death..(susah nak cari halal food)..thank god jumpe satu kedai ni nama burger express which Abdul was the owner,the chef and the waiter..huhu..(cool huh..3 jobs in the same time..)..then he help us to tour around Cordoba(dan-dan tutup kedai sebab nak bawak kami berjalan..hehe..dia kata org Islam ni sedara..ape slhnye..)baguskan??tu my head yg susah dpt ISLAM lg hargai islam..dia punye islam lg kuat..hurmm..then we went to Madinah al-zahra which a was the abd rahman the third's castle..also very beautiful..(pendek kata..kumpul la duit..then gi sane..)..then the next day..returned to my sweet darling castle in Rabat..but ustaz and his family continue their tour to london and kaaaannn???

Monday, June 18, 2007



sorry for the late update because there are a little bit of problem with my internet(connection)..insyaAllah i will update this blog as soon as the problem fixed..have fun..

Saturday, June 2, 2007

~game over~

[game over]

at last the restless week has ended..(but i think it will start back nextweek but doa2la..mintak2 xnak repeat paper)..yesterday was the was mawarith(ilmu faraid)..the ustaz asked me an ayat regarding how much did a sister or siblings of the deathsman will get if he don't have kids..(surah an-nisa ayat 176)..then about al-wala'..if the slave been free by his master then suddenly he is dead..did his master will get something?and the answer is yes..after the exam..on the way home..aisha and i walked with our Arab friends(last day la katakan..insyaAllah)..hajiba (one of them) wanted to check out my i show her some function..then suddenly "ter" open the mp3 player..because she wanted to hear the 3 year old boy recites surah an-nas (before exam bluetooth from my arab friend)..then the mp3 player move to another music (gwen stefanni)..then she ask this amdah nabawiah(nasyid2)..i answered.."nope..this is how I learn English..i listen to this type of music.."(fuh..nasib baik ade jawapan)..then she reply.."instead of that..why don't you change to arabic NASYID so that u can improve your language..(mak first i didn't hear the word "nasyid"..i thought she was saying about Arabic song) i answered.."yes..i did listen to some arabic music from nancy ajram..amr diab..sami yusuf (nasib baik ade gak satu penyanyi nasyid yg ku sebut..huhu)"..then she reply.." should listen the nasyids because mainly the singers..they are not good..they will lead you to bad stuff.."..i replied (because to's not illegal to know "the words"..for an example..i love Mariah Carey's songs so much..but i don't like her style..since some of her songs are doesn't mean that i like her so i'll do what ever she does..( to the brain dude..!)..yup..every person have their own point of view..i do like nasyid whaaaaaaaaaatttt...then on the way back..there was this stall sells garden snail( one of the famous fast-food in morocco)..suddenly it remind me of a reality tv show in Malaysia- "barsamamu-hulurkan tangan,ringankan beban"..which one of the episode is about a family that only afford to eat the garden snail..(but if you come to morocco..the garden snail is quite expensive..-xdela mahal mane pon..about rm1.50 per bowl)..but still..(seriously till now i can't eat the snail is so yucky..)..but chip and dilla love them so much..(ade satu hari tu..brader yg jual tu siap kasi free semangkuk tuk aku..suh mkn..ish..mcm fear-factor tul..dahla dia tgk time tu..lps tu..balik je umah..pening2..xle bau lansung mende tu..)..dilla and chip..klu korg masuk fear-factor mmg korg menang la..PEMENANG UTAMA..(pastu masukla citer bersamamu..nanti kerajaan leh naikkan scholarship..hehe)