Tuesday, March 25, 2008



bile dah lama cuti..rase mcm malas sangat nak gi class..i'm in the forth semester now..3 semesters to go..insyaAllah..(doakan yer..)..all of my cousins keep on trying to make me jealous..example like they'll tell me whenever they had fun with adam..or like.."today we were having nasi with sambal sotong.."..ish..saje je mereka itu..!!!yesterday..i was chatting with my aunty(che ros) and her daughters..seriously..made me miss my family so much..!!ni yg nak cepat2 habis belajar..huhu..

then today..i have only one class..in the afternoon..tapi saje je gi class awal..(sebenarnya nak siapkan assignment kat Uni..kalau kat umah tak jadi kerja..hehe..kalau tak..nak gi Uni tepat pada waktu agak sukar la sikit..huhu)...then,while i was waiting in front of my classroom,tetibe my tok penghulu wanted to give some money(duit claim) that i've used for the Maulidul rasul programme last Thursday..i was looking at the envelope since i saw a 50dirham in it..because he gave me 100dirham but he only owe me 50dirham..(malas nak tukar2 duit)..time tgh tengok2 tu..tetibe my ustaz (taktau dari arah mana dia dtg) nak lalu..ish..segan tol..(mesti dia cakap..ape la budak ni tengah buat..terhendap-hendap)..last year was more tragic..i wanted to ask him a question regarding my assignment..while i was walking towards him..suddenly i fell in front of him.. (he was so shocked and wanted to help me from falling.. tapi tak sempat... siap cakap.."Allah..Allah..Allah") .. luckily there was nobody in the class..adoiii..maluuuu...satu hari tadi rase mcm segan sangat..

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