Tuesday, October 30, 2007



last sunday..aunty pipah invite the ladies and few of the male student to her house for a tahlil..it's for her son..he passed away when aunty pipah just arrived about 3 months in morocco..uncle salim just got shifted from washington..her late son was trying to help her niece because there was few guys kacau-kacau the girl..then her son was beaten up by the guys real hard until he passed away..but till now..aunty pipah don't know who beat his son until death..*sigh*

i called my mother..windu sama mak kite..siap mimpi2 lagi..hehe..that's why..alang2 update blog sekali la..sorry if i take time to update since right now i'm soooo busy...with the assignments and the exam is coming up..(ish..baru je start sem..tibe2 nak exam dah..waa...!!!)..at first one of my lecturer said.."for your mid-sem test..please read the whole book from abu zahrah entitle usul feqh"...so i and the rest of my classmate bought that book..(siap berebut-rebut lagi kat kedai buku)..at last..yesterday..he told us like this.."for your mid-sem test please do me a summary of al-adillatul humumah..15 days from now.."..i was like..what????(dahla nak baca buku abu zahrah tu yg sepatutnye amik masa setahun dia suruh baca dalam masa sebulan..den ni dah la melayu belacan..mana reti sgt BA tu..huhu..nak fahamkan lagi..sabar je la..)..then add up with my other lecturer..asking us to do an assignment regarding kitab mustasfa from imam ghazali..waaa..susahnye sem ni..!!tu campur dgn kene hafal 2 juzuk ayat alquran..campur lagi 40 hadith and matan baiquniah..waa...!!!ade lagi sebulan je ni..

but the good news is..my mommy said.."why don't you buy a new handphone?"
so i said.."nevermind..i'll just use the old one"
mak : takpe la..beli je la yang baru..
me : kalau org nak beli yang ada camera bole tak??
mak : takpe..beli la..
me : betul ke ni??tapi...duit cukup2 je nak bayar sewa umah bulan depan..
mak :erm..tengok la..dah abis ke duit??
me : hehe..erm..xdela..ade sikit2 je..takpe la..handphone can wait..(ish..ade ke patut ckp mcm ni..huhu)
mak : so okla kalau macam tuh..

so..yay..! i can buy a new one..but then i don't want to buy a handphone..but i want to buy a camera..bole main tangkap2 gambar..hehe...xpela..klu lulus sem ni..as a prize for myself..a brand new camera..!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

{-another day-}

{-another day-}

lupe plak nak cite..i've become a senior already..!few of my juniors have arrived last monday(the day i've lost my handphone)..they were from kelantan and pahang(which one of them is my cousin)..dah tak bole nakal-nakal..hukhukhuk..at the meantime they are staying at my house..(so kene bangun awal..x bole lepak depan pc lama2..huhu..and banyak lagi perkara kene bend..hehe..)this year,they sent more female student than the male..insyaAllah nextweek,students from selangor,terengganu,penang will arrive..waaa..nnt ramai la citizen malaysia kat morocco ni..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



sorry for the late update because i'm not in the mood on surfing internet these past few days since my handphone got stolen..but yet..nevermind..maybe it's a test from Allah to make me stronger and be more patient..but what makes me feel so sad is i bought that handphone with my own salary..it takes me three month of work to get that gadget..at the meantime i'm using this..at first i refused to use any phone..but my housemates said that it would be easier if i have one ..like for instance in emergency cases...(eceh..)..or whatever...just praying and hoping that the thief will regret and stop stealing and pick-pocketing others..kesian pada mangsa-mangsa yang akan datang..semoga dia insaf dan cuba untuk mencari rezeki yang halal..aminnn...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

{-Eid Mubarak Said 3-}

{-Eid Mubarak Said-}

the third day of raya...

eventhough that night we were so tired..but still make an afford to go to the Malaysian Student Association in Morocco's gathering...(ececehh..)..the event starts at 11 a.m..aunty pipah came to fetch us up since she was so pity on us and wondering how should we bring the big periuk to Kenitra by train..(dah la girls yang nak bawa periuk tu ke sane..pakai baju raya pulak tu...huhu..)..then she said nevermind..she'll try to come early and go with us to kenitra..yay!!..again the day was saved..hehe..(pocket money pon saved jugak..huhu)..hehe..first time from rabat to Kenitra by car..normally we will take the train..actually by bus is more cheaper but by train is more comfortable and save..(yerla..like i've said before moroccan drivers are...erm..horrible..-the best word-)..the event was so cool..have nasyid..karaoke..hehe..(guys cube mencungkil bakat-bakat tersepit mereka)..the food was marvelous..got kuah kacang..nasi minyak..soto..nasi himpit..rendang..seriously.. like Malaysia..huhu..

{-Eid Mubarak Said 2-}

{-Eid Mubarak Said 2-}

the second day of raya...

that morning..we just sit and relax because that night we need to cook for the day after since the next day is the openhouse for malaysian student..so nak kumpul tenaga..yerla..dah openhouse student..student la yang kene masak..hehe..ladies just need to prepare "soto" and kuih raya...the rest..the men will take care of it..because the amount of girls here is sooo few..about 11 of us..actually there were about 21 of us(seluruh morocco)..but then 10 of them is still in malaysia spending their holidays..yg leceh-leceh depa bagi kat budak perempuan suruh buat..huhu..

then after maghrib, Pangeran Brunei invited us to his house..for raya celebration..Aunty Noriah(the pangeran's wife) cooked everything..ketupat..kuah kacang..crab soup..nasi minyak..daging pindang..sweet sour fish and other yummy food..just imagine..the occasion was from morning till night..how is she able to cook a big amount of food that day..seriously..those who open a catering company is so terer la..!!me..i'm only afford to cook for less than 10 people..itu pun taste dah lari..kihkihkih..kene amik kursus ni bile balik msia..hehe..

then about 10 p.m..we went back home..so tired..but cannot sleep yet..a big thing has to be done first..xle tdo selagi soto tak masak..!!we start from the leceh2 stuff like carik 5kg isi ayam..then goreng su-on..potong sayur..subuh br siap..huhu..then after subuh we start with preparing the soup..huhu..mengantuk..nak tidoo...!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

{-Eid Mubarak Said-}

{-Eid Mubarak Said-}

the firstday of raya...

the firstday of raya was kinda sad at first because i thought that our embassador will invite us to his house to perform the solat aidilfitri but then there were a little mix up and unconfirm programme during the raya..because on that day everybody wanted to do openhouse..at last makan di umah sendiri je..huhu..(kaktie-my housemate cooked mee sup..sedaaaaapppppp) then later that afternoon Kak pah called and said that actually the firstday of raya is at her house..so kami pon ape lagi..siap2 pakai wangi2..(sebenarnye memang dah wangi..tapi nak wangikan lagi..hehe) and away to her house..but before going to her house..my housemate and i salam each other and ask for forgiveness..(sedih wooo..yerla..ni je keluarga yang ada kat sini..)..

then about 3p.m my girl friends from mohamedia arrive at our house..(balik kampung..)..guess what..??they baked about 8 types of cookies..(terer kan diorg)..we were so suprised when they came to Rabat and bring huge tupperware filled with cookies..yay..!!ade mazola,kuih tart nanas,chocolate chip cookies,almond london, butter cookies, sarang semut,kuih arab, chocolate cookies..(memang rumah kami byk la kuih raya..)..mix with the one that we've made..semperit..cornflake madu,cornflake permata cookies,shortbread cookies and cornflake mix with kacang2 and almond..(i don't know what it's name...huhu)..bykkan??who says that raya kat perantauan tak meriah??hehe...

then after maghrib..our embassador invited us to his house..on the way to his house i was sesat..(malu betul..org Rabat bole sesat..sedangkan selalu gi umah duta..kehkehkeh..)..then about 10 o'clock..aunty pipah ajak tumpang kereta dia..balik umah..(nasib baik..xyah nak bayar tambang taxi..save duit raya..hehe)

Thursday, October 11, 2007



yay..!today is holiday..!until the 3rd of syawal..(alaa..kejap je cuti..)..anyway..yesterday as me and my housemate hanging out watching a new movie that been uploaded by hang19 at youtube title "kayangan"..suddenly kak pah called..(kak pah works at the malaysian embassy)..she said..can we help her to bake some cookies for raya??

kak pah: assalamualaikum..girls..korg sibuk ke??kak pah nak mintak tolong buat kuih raya ni..tapi kak pah bayar la kat korg..kire macam korg jual kat kak pah la..bole ke??

me : waalaikumsalam..kejap yer kak pah..sy tanye diorg..

we : so korg..mcm mane nih??nak ke xnak??..(x capai kata sepakat lgi coz tgh concentrate tgk cite kayangan)

me: erm..mcm ni la kak pah..kami bincang dulu macam mane yer..kak pah nak dalam berapa biji??

kak pah : erm..sebab duta pon nak order dari korg..dia kata..dia bayar..bole tak..dalam 100biji..3 jenis..kak pah pon nak macam tuh..

me: haa??kirenye sorg nak 300 biji??mak ai..nnt la kami bincang macam mane..sebab takut tak sempat je..hari ni dah hari rabu..raye insyaAllah hari sabtu..

kak pah : (dengan suara sedih) erm..xpela kalau korg xle buat mcm tu..buat utk duta je..kak pah dapat 50 biji pon xpe..

me : (sebak pulak) takpe la kak pah..kami cube..tapi kami x janji la..sebab takut tak sempat..ni..persatuan ni pon bagi tau lambat..budak2 persatuan pon mintak kiteorg buatkan kuih..

kak pah: ikutla..tapi terima kasih tau..


because before this kak pah asked chip once about this..but she didn't said anything yet..she thought kak pah was asking saje2 je..then we sat together and discuss about this..we were unconfident on doing the cookies..(yerla..nak mkn sendiri bole la..ni nak jual..ish..risiko tuh)..plus with the time..fuh...so at last we decided to give it a try..!yeah..!kami boleh..!!bole buat duit raya biarpon sorg dapat 20dirham je..(lebih kurg rm8)..tapi selain parent..sape lg nk kasi buta2 mcm tu..so today..right after marjan open it's door..we gonna buy the stuff and start baking..we only bake the simple type of cookies like chocolatechip cookies, mama carie(something like that) and conflake madu..so..wish us luck..!mintak2 la kuih ni jadi..huhu..xmo la hangus2 ke ape ke..

then about baju raya..mak asked my junior to pass me my baju raya since they are coming here soon..at first they said the flight will be before raya..so after hearing that..suke la sikit because x sangka..ade jugak baju raya..suddenly until today..their flight still not confirmed yet..waaaa...!!mana baju raya nih...!!!but alhamdulillah..mutiah..(one of my friend in Mohamedia) told that she bought me a green jubah..(she spent last summer holiday in malaysia)..bole laa..ade la jugak..huhu..tak sangka..because i just told her like this.."mut..klu ko jalan2 tibe-tibe nampak jubah cantik2 n murah2 tu..ko belikan la yer.."..so i don't have high expectation on it..sebab cakap gitu-gitu je..so to everybody..

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


{-fully recovered-}

Alhamdulillah..after taking the medicine and stop drinking icy-cold water, I'm fully recovered..being sick is so boring..(tapi alhamdulillah..klu tak sakit..nnt jadi macam raja namrud pulak..takpe kifarah dosa..huhu)..my brain lost 45% of the ability on thinking creatively..but now..yay..!it has come back after the flu went off..huhu..elok2 je lps dah sihat, one of my Moroccan friends invite us to breakfast at her house..her father is an Imam at the nearest mosque at her house..so..our conversation is mainly towards Islamic..(huhu..senyum nampak gigi sikit)..as usual our main dish are harirah soup,boiled egg, and syabakiyah..
(in the bowl is harirah,in the middle of the table is murtabak morocco and at the end of the table is syabakiyah)

one thing that i respect Arabs is that they treat us like cousins..they even called us "ukht" or "akh" which means brother and sister..even if you go and buy groceries at the shop..u still called the sell person "khuya" for men or "ukhti" for women.Allah once told in Surah al-hujurat ayat 10

"The believers are brothers"

but if you go to the arab's house make sure you've prepare an empty stomach because they will stuffed you up with lots and lots of food until you want to cry (i don't know about others..but i always feel that way) tak best la kenyang2 sangat..rase macam perut nak terkoyak..

on the 27 day of ramadhan, the moroccans believe that it is the night of the lailatulqadar.So they will dress their young beautifully as a sign of grateful to Allah..it's like a parade..(huhu..ni pelik sikit)..so yesterday, after solat terawih at my friend's house, on the way back we watched the parade for a while..(tp sayang..xle tangkap gambar..ni pon gambar amik sorok-sorok gune handphone..dahla hp cap ayam je..)..but some of them spent their time at the mosque and pray..on that night the mosque will be open 24 hours..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

{-bad flu-}

{-bad flu-}

i've been attacked by the flu..!!a really bad one..maybe because of the weather keep on changing frequently..cannot sleep because hidung tersumbat..!so at the meantime i was watching a malay drama entitle "kerana cintaku Saerah"..seriously..really touching..!berjaya menghujankan mata ini..!so uncool..!

haa..one more thing..a good friend of mine just created a blog..so care to visit..just click www.orgtua86.blogspot.com

good luck in searching the lailatulqadar..!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


{the search of lailatulqadar-}

subhanallah..how time passes by so fast..dah smpi 10 akhir ramadhan..marilah kita sama-sama merebut maghfirah yang maha Esa..
Allah had stated in Al-quran in surah Al-qadr (makkiyyah)

1) indeed, We sent the Quran down during the night of decree(al-qadar)
2)And what can make you know what is the Night of decree
3) The night of decree is better than thousand month
4)The angle and the spirits descend therein by permission of their lord of every matter
5) Peace it is until the emergence of dawn

here's some tips from imam al-ghazali rahmatullah on how to get the night of decree(malam lailatulqadar)..

1) if first Ramadhan falls on Sunday or Wednesday, insyaAllah the lailatulqadar will be on the night of 29 ramadhan
2) if the first Ramadhan falls on Monday, insyaAllah the lailatulqadar will be on the night of 21 Ramadhan
3) if the first Ramadhan falls on Friday or Tuesday, insyaAllah the lailatulqadar will be on the night of 27 ramadhan
4) if the first ramahan falls on Thursday, insyaAllah the lailatulqadar will be on the night of 25 Ramadhan
5) if the first ramadhan falls on Saturday, insyaAllah the lailatulqadar will be on the night of 23 ramadhan

Sheikh Abu Hasaan once told the he never miss the lailatulqadar after follows this tips..(but that doesn't mean that we just concentrating on these days..make sure to do ibadah everyday)
this is taken from the book entitle Matla'il Badrain from the topic i'tikaf

"Allah has encompassed all the things in knowledge"-al-talaq:12

So lets us to the best in the search of lailatulqadar

so sambil-sambil update blog..dengar lagu raya..tetibe terdengar lagi ni..dari rabbani bertajuk ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan..subhanallah..tabarakallah sape yang menghargai bulan ramadhan..

ahlan wa sahlan wa marhaban
ahlan wa sahlan... marhaban
ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan

ramadhan menjelma lagi..
menghimpun rahmat dan maghfirah
bertambah keberkatannya
dengan amal ibadah
diri tunduk keinsafan
dan rasa berdosa
bulan kemuliaan
yang dikurniakan ini
usah biarkan berkatnya berlalu sia-sia saja
(ade arab..tp xdpt catch)
membasuhi daki dunia

sambutlah ramadhan dengan jiwa terbuka
seperti ketibaan orang yang kita cinta
dengan ucapan ahlan wa sahla
marhaban ya ramadhan

hati gembira
pintu terbuka
rahmat Allah yang maha besar

ditaburi mutiara
hikmah alquran
lantas dibelenggu
nafsu dan syaitan
didatangkan pula lailatulqadar
pengorbanan yang dibuat
balasannya syurga..

*we don't know are we able to celebrate next ramadhan..

Monday, October 1, 2007

{-nothing special-}

{-nothing special-}

i was thinking about updating my blog..as usual..before updating..i will replies all the comment at the chat box..suddenly..there was this..blogger friend..give me a link..without feeling suspicious..i click on the link..(yerla..dah org tu ckp mcm ni..sejauh mana iman anda..mmgla nak bukak..)..then tibe2 kuar mende yg x best..web ape ntah..malas r nak tgk..buat kurang pahala posa je..so i asked one of my friend..since she also knew the blogger..she said..maybe it's not him..bile cari2..mmg betul bukan orgnye..because he gave the same comment on HELWI's blog but he's not the one who writting it..maybe somebody teringin nak jadi dia..hurm...nowdays..mcm2 hal..lagi satu..nasib ko la budak..gmbo ko dah tersebar kat web..