Tuesday, August 28, 2007

{-shock mode-}

{-shock mode-}

yesterday..during breakfast with kak ana..(she's my senior..)..she said that she is scared of teenagers nowdays..she read at the newspaper on the internet about girls riding motorcycle and at the same time depriving their tank-top..(wow..)..hurm..takut pulak..

then later on the evening..i have a pet chat with zaie through Yahoo messenger..she is one of my close friend in highschool..we use webcam to see each other..(windu sama dia..)..

then she asked me.."how's my new look?"..

then i replied.."wow..u looked matured.."

"biasalah..dah jadi mak.."-zaie

i was curios..nobody told me that she's married..so i told.."ish..bile ko kawen??x bagitau pon.."

"tak kawen pon..dah terberanak..nak buat mcm mane.."

"huh??ko biar betol.."

"betol la..tak caya sudah.."

"ish..bohong la ko..anak ko dah brp bulan?"

"erk..bukan ko ke yang selalu kelentong aku time school dulu..anak aku dah nak masuk 7 bulan dah"

~hehe..last time..i love to play around with zaie..because she is so blur..~

"ish..itu dulu..lagipon bukannye aku tipu bende yg serius-serius mcm ni..ish..aku tetap tak caya..meh sini..aku nak tgk gmbar anak ko.."

"ni haa..nampak tak??"

seriously..mmg x percaya pon ape dia ckp..but it can be true..and it also can be tipu..so i called my other friend..neni..i asked neni..is zaie pregnant and had gave birth already??she replied.."ala..xyah caya la..aku satu matrik dengan dia..tak nampak pon dia bunting..klu nak kata anak dia dah tujuh bulan..kiteorg pon baru je abis matrik..dia 'gula-gula' ko la.."

continue chatting with zaie..
"kurang asam..ko tipu aku yea??"

"hahaha..tak sangka ko percaya..padan muka..tu la..dulu kau suke sangat sakat aku kan??akhirnye dapat jugak aku revenge.."

"ceh..hampeh tol.."

"ish..mintak dijauhkan tuhan la..kalau nak beranak pon..biarla yg sah..doakan aku jadi budak baik tau.."

"hehe..insyaAllah..ko pon same..doakan aku kuat iman..tak cepat hanyut"


~so after a few while later..the conversation ended since it's 1 a.m in malaysia..entah gmbo anak sape entah dia bedal..~


i was not in the picture because have something else to do

it's been a while i didn't update my blog..no reason for that..just being lazy..(huhu..hampeh tol budak ni..)..yesterday i have a pet chat with my schoolmate..really close one..miss all my darling friends when i was in PLKN and in high school..last time when i was in high school..i have this group of friend which was very naughty...seriously..really naughty ones..huhu..(geleng kepala sikit..)..pendek kata..rotan tu dah biasa kalau kene betis ni..but one thing that we learnt ..no matter what..we never lawan ckp our teachers..we always have respect to them..(kiteorg ade macam cogan kata la dulu.."pandai buat pandai tanggung"..huhu..so klu kantoi ape2..nasib la..)..and maybe because of that..alhamdulillah all of us get to further our studies..all of our teacher was like.."x sangka..si kutu2 tu bole masuk Uni.."it's like eventhough we were so naughty..but the relationship between teachers and student is still close..(no heart feelings la klu kene rotan pon..muahahah..)..just imagine..get out of the hostel without permission..(dulu kiteorg panggil "fly") just to buy nasi goreng kampung and drink slurpy at 7-eleven..dahla perempuan..or go to our friend's house which she is a out-sider(kire x duduk hostel la..) just to watch astro..because my school has this really strict laws which is cannot go out of the hostel without parents..and not allowed to watch tv only on sundays..(dulu dah form 5 mana macho klu parents datang..kunun dah besar la..klu parents datang pon mainly nak bagi duit or bring delicious food for us..lgpon..parents mana nak dtg dah bile umur mcm tu..)..we have various attitude..like my case..i love to sleep..they called me "sleeping beauty" or "fitrah"..because in pendidikan syariah islamiah's book says that fitrah is "sesuatu yg semulajadi wujud dalam diri manusia itu untuk kebaikan diri manusia itu sendiri"..(they said kununnye the fitrah for me is sleeping..)..gi class tido..balik class pon tido..time prep pon tido jugak..(which is study time..when in hostel they have this times specially for student to study)..i can give-up food..but not sleep..until one day..i was in biology laboratory..all of my classmates was doing experiment..me..i was playing snooker..(tido yg satu tangan lurus ke depan lagi satu tangan alas kepala..)..suddenly my biology teacher(which also my mathematics teacher when i'm in form 1) said" Lailaha illallah..shahirah..!!!ko ni..dari form 1 sampai la ke form 5..tido je keje..xpe..lps SPM nanti ko tdo la puas-puas..takyah bangun2 dah.."..(time lps kene sergah tu terkejut jugak..semua my classmate pandang..before this diorg buat biasa je because i selalu kene tegur..but i can't help it..mungkin sebab mkn nasi kawah kot..tu yang asyik mengantuk je..huhu)all of my class-mate was curios how can i sleep in the laboratory with the uncomfortable chairs and the noise..(hurm..nak wat mcm mane..dah bakat kat situ..huhu)..but alhamdulillah..that attitude has flown away..time change me a lot.."ya Allah..perkasakanla imanku..perkuatkanla amalanku..perhebatkanla ilmuku.."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

{-the project-}

{-the project-}

i can't sleep..so i surf the internet..don't know what to do..then i was surfing at mamafami's fotopages..(suke gi fotopages dia sebab ade gambar makanan yang sedap2 and always make me hungry..)..so while i was reading the recipes there..then i was seduced by the chocolate chips cookies..seems like all the ingredients are available..(gi cari kat kedai runcit dekat dgn umah ni..)..chocolate chip is too expensive..so what i've done is chop the chocolate bar into small pieces..i also add up some cocoa powder..just to make it a little bit more brown..(ade ke patut one of my fren kata gmbar ni mcm burger..sabar je la..)

the ingredients:
  • 2 1/4 cups of flour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 cup of margerine
  • 3/4 cup of white sugar
  • 3/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups of chocolatechips
  • 1 teaspoon of backin powder
the methods:
  1. Sift flour,backing powder and salt
  2. In a big bowl,cream margerine and both sugar.Add in eggs and then vanilla essence.Beat till creamy.
  3. Add in the dry ingredient,little at a time.
  4. add in chocolate chips and nuts
  5. Using 2 spoons,scoop a bit of soft dough onto the backing tray
  6. Bake in a preheated oven at 150 degrees for 10-15 minutes

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

{-happy weekends_}

{-happy weekend-}

my house ran out of food..in the fridge are only butters and tomatoes..(beras pon xde)..Alhamdulillah..there were flour and speggati left..we don't have time to go to the market..like this weekend we was at Kak Rozy's house..(her husband works at the Malaysian Embassy)..all 11 of us spent the weekend there..until Monday..so at night we were still "kenyang"..then yesterday..there were nothing to eat for breakfast..so Dilla went out to buy some bread..then for dinner..since everybody was so hungry..i volunteer to cook..(actually we have timetable for chef.. i'm on duty on mondays)..there were nothing in the fridge..(bawang pon tinggal separuh..)..so i boiled some speggaties..and fried some cucur manis..again i invented my own recipe..yay..!(bakat tersepit..)..last weekend we went to the zoo..this is my second time..the zoo was so big..bigger than the Zoo Negara in Malaysia..but Malaysia have more animal than here..here they don't have fishes..(why??i love fish so much..not for dine but for pets..for dine i love chicken drumsticks..)..all the animal here are so big..i was so shock when i saw the rhinoceros..seriously like a mini dinosaur..the elephants..wow..!!subhanallah..

this is a mix of donkey and zibra..the lion was sleeping..(ala..boring betul..the first time i came they were roaring..seriously the whole zoo could hear..so loud..!!)
the bear was getting slimmer than the last time..i wonder why..hmm..
and last monday it was morocco's public holiday..so kak rozy took me to the "exotic garden in Sale, Rabat"..seriously i don't know that this garden exist..hehe..(cantik..just like Malaysia..)..x sangka morocco pon ade garden..sebab kat sini mcm padang pasir since near to the Sahara dessert..

Saturday, August 18, 2007


{-the misunderstanding-}

i had a misunderstand with my mother..and makes all my day feels blue..thank god that my sister is here and help me to solve the knot...thanx kak ain..mak..i'm sorry..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

{-that day-}

{-that day-}

sorry for the late update..not feeling well..having a flu and gatal tekak..don't know why..maybe because the exchanging terms of season from summer to autumm..on 10 of august,right after the SEAS GAMES..our Malaysian Student's Association in Morocco held an event which we called "al-ayyam at-saqofiayah" or in Malay is "hari kebudayaan"..which is more like a competition among malaysian's student..where there are malay debate,speech in arabic,tilawah al-quran,tafsir,acting,khat and kaligraphy(i am worst at this..x seni lansung) and forums..so i entered the malay debating..(mcm kat sekolah menengah dulu)..really miss the old good times when i'm in school..miss all my friends..some of them are already engaged and intend to get married next year..insyaAllah..Barakallahu ilaihum..the event was about 3 days..i won the debate..from semi-final to finals..huhu..x sangka sebab perempuan lawan laki..hehe..the first topic was on "globalisasi lebih banyak mendatangkan kemudaratan kepada masyarakat.." i was the opponent..and the final was on this topic.."akademik lebih penting dari berpesatuan"..which i was also the opponent..(fuh..berpeluh jugak nak lawan ni..)..syukur Alhamdulillah..i've won..our first president,(skrg dah the ke brp belas entah..huhu) create this al-ayyam at-saqofiyah because since in Morocco..in their education system,student are not exposed to cocuriculums..that's why some of them..have PhD but only sits at home and blame their goverment because don't create a job for them..so..there was this ayat..told us ان الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم..which means.."sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah keadaan sesuatu kaum sebelum mereka mengubah keadaan mereka sendiri"(al-ra'dh ayat 11)..so you yourself need to do changes for your own good..learn through mistake but not repeating the same mistake..erm and also there was a sad news..kak iman's pet named boboy died yesterday..it was a guinea pig..really sad because he was like one of us..reminding us about death..innalillahi wa inna illahi rajiun..we'll be missing you..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

{-say no to smokers-}

{-say no to smokers-}

so the Seas Games has ended..suddenly today..after i woke up from sleep..i feel sad..don't know why..(ntah pape ntah..)..when i saw this banner on the first day i was wondering is that a spelling error or is it plural or...i don't know..everyday..when i saw it i will.."dia ni salah eja kot..erk..bukan..entah2..itu tu kot nama sukan ni..aku je yg xtau..erk..tapi kalau Sea Game bukan xde "s" ke??bukan SEAS GAMES..tapi SEA GAMES kan??..."until the last day..i was like that..and today..the question have been answered when i looked at this picture..it stands for "South East Asian Student Games"..hehe..ape la..lambat tol..sbb x nampak ape yg dia tulis byk2 kat bawah tu..cume nampak tulisan yg warna merah tu je..sebab duduk jauh dr banner tu..sblm balik gi tangkap gambar pon masih x perasan..sampaila bile tgk gmbo..huhu
saje je wat title ni..(huhu..nnt dpt husband perokok br tau..hehe..)no la..it's like this..it came across my mind when i was cheering for Malaysian players and suddenly i saw a lady was smoking in front of her son..(geleng kepala sikit..)..so i went thinking..can i be a good example for my kids in the future??coz the test now days is more difficult or should i say more challenging than last time..where we have the internet,(some use it the wrong way),shopping complex,and many other influences that flow towards disaster..i realized this after adam was born..and i saw how my sister take care of him..with the breast-feeding thing,not get enough sleep..thinking for the future of son's education..and work..husband..fuh..being women sure is tough..keep thinking am i ready for the future or not..?but if I'm not..it still comes..so..why wonders..the normal questions will be..can i be a good wife?is my husband rich??(haha..ni kadang2 la..xle tipu..)erm..is he a smoker??(oh..please not..i can't breath when i'm around them..)..can he doa for me and my family..can i be a good mother?
talking about smokers..i have a chat with my friend..she said a man who is a smoker can live without a women but not without cigarette..entah2 klu idup dgn smokers ni..sanggup bagi anak bini berlapar asal dapat beli rokok dia tu..and they should know that they are actually silent killers..so..ingatlah org yg tersayang..

Monday, August 6, 2007

{-sports day part 2-}

{-sports day part 2-}

here are few pictures taken from the Sea Games..(ecece..)

The first picture is when they played takraw..(at first we won fight with Indonesia but defeated by Thailand..sengit sgt..)the 2nd picture is when the volleyball match..defeated by Indonesia(ni pon sengit..the first half we won..but the 2nd half they won and the 3rd half..they won too..)..then we won with Thailand..yay!the 3rd picture is also takraw..football match x sempat nk amik gmbar pulak..huhu..

Sunday, August 5, 2007

{-sports day-}

{-sports day-}

Today..in Rabat..a sea games was held between Malaysian,Indonesian and Thailand student..(setakat ni..3 kontigen negara ni jer dari benua asia..ade je china..tp x ramai n bukan student)..since the amount of us was so small..so the opening ceremony was not so happening(sebab dewan besar sgt..tp kuantiti kiteorg x lebih 120 org..)..but then it was fun..there was this guy..from Thailand..can communicate in 4 different languages which is Malay,English(really fluent),Arabic and Thailand..he was the pengaraca majlis(Emcee) for today's opening ceremony..acara yg dipertandingkan for this sea games is football,volleyball,ping-pong and takraw..so tomorrow will be the football match..between Malaysia and Indonesia in the morning..(waa..really exited for tomorrow..) the games is only open for the men because ladies nak main pon x sampai 10 org..if from Indonesia they only have 2 female student and from thailand,they only have 3 female student..so..nak main ape..since that..we only cheers for the players..jadi penyokong sejati la..huhu..