Thursday, June 5, 2008

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exam dah habis..yeehaaa...!!but there still fears left in my nerves..eventhough the examination has ended but i haven't receive my result yet..(that explains all)

guess what..??toren gave birth to 7 baby hamsters this evening..(adoiiii..rumahku..dibanjiri tikus..huhu)

today??nothing cool happened(selain dari toren bersalin)..just hangging out at the University with my friends..waiting for the result..but still tak keluar lagi..

so as usual..i can't sleep tonight..(bukan takle tdo pon..sebenarnya takut terlajak tdo..huhu..sebab sekarang dah masuk subuh awal..langkah berjaga2 nih) i was checking the online news..(ape la nak jadi ngan kerajaan msia ni..kot ya pon nak naikkan harga toloooong la fikirkan orang2 miskin yang ada kat negara kite tuu)..then surf the internet..searching for some yummylicious recipes(kak jun..pinjam nama jap..huhu)..then found something that I've left it for about 2 years..before i created this blog, i use to write at the friendster's blog..i love to write..because i wanted to share my experience with others..(ececcec..) i always wanted to be a writer..but i don't know how and what to write..(because i'm bad in literature)..

by the way..after adam was born,i created this blog..(kononnye sempena adam lahir tu nak start menulis blog..)lagipon this is how i told my family and friends what i normally do..yerla..kat msia lain..kat sini pon lain..(totally different..huhu..yerla..semua keputusan buat sendiri..time kat msia dulu ade jugak mak yang buatkan keputusan)..then i chose to write in English(campur2) because i wanted to improve my friend said to to improve if u don't try..(tak kesah la klu salah least u have an affort)..thanx dude..!so here i am..writing and blogging..(walaupon jarang update..huhu) sesape yang nak baca my blog yg lama..bole la click sini(blog lamaku)

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