Friday, May 25, 2007

~restless week~

[~restless week~]

it's been the exam week usuall..all of my housemate (and myself too) suddenly changed to be a "book-freak" or also known as "study-freak"..until most of our words that we use daily changed..for an example..there was a subject called harakat islahiyah..which is about all the organisations in the world(how they repair or create a new impact of thinking or "life" to the nation..) the word "islah" means few of our dialogue :
"weh..ape kate ko cube islah paip tu..bising tol bunyi dia"

"erk..lauk semalam ade lagi x..aku nak islah sikit xyahla masak..esok nak exam.."

or another subject regarding feqh muamalat which is mainly about business and there were many types of business..for an example (اليسع الخيار) is about choosing..whether u want it or's like..take it or leave Syafiee scholar ..he doesn't agree with this type of business..because it's like giving people first u want to buy it..the suddenly after a few moment of thinking,u changed your mind and decide not to your dialogue regarding this subject:

-"ko cube r try musawamah(tawar-menawar) dengan dia..mana r tau dia boleh kasi murah ke..jumhur ulama' kata bole..sebab dia terpelihara dari murabahah(belian berlipat kali ganda tapi halal mcm beli umah dari bank)"

-"weh..aku bai' ajal (pembelian yg didahulukan dgn barang..duit kemudian..mcm hutang gak r..tapi maliki tak bagi sebab dia kata salah satu jenis riba..sebab setengah org,dia gi jual barang yg dia dah guna yg dia beli secara hutang dr org lain..kirenye sampai kat pembeli kedua dah x fresh r..ataupon jahanam ke) dgn ko..nnt klu aku ade duit 2-3 hari nanti aku byr r..huhu" and many more..

so starting from 21/5/2007 there was an exam called i'jaz tashri-i (الاِعجاز التشريعي) a killing is about all the hukum syara'..thinking about the benefits of every hukum from Allah..for an example..why Allah don't let(haram) zina(un-wed sex)..because the HIV-Virus is easily spread by that relation..and many! I've found few question related to this subject in yusuf qardawi's book which is about the relation between Allah's hukum and human's law..(fuh..mau benjol utak ku..!)

on tuesday 22/5/2007 it was the feqh muamalat's paper..(paper yg aku rase mcm nak mkn je..lapo tol bile tgk kertas tu!!)..before the exam..ustaz bukhari(the lecturer)- told us to concentrate about hukum2 of every trade and business because maybe he will ask on my friend and i seriously read the entire book but we neglected the beginning of the book..which is the muqaddimah of feqh and syariah..and guess what..there were only four questions..three questions are from the cool kan???(then after i passed the paper to my lecturer..he said.." i saw all the malayziyin are dizzy with the paper"..i reply with a grin..a bad type of grin..-mana taknye..aku umpama tipah tertipu bang!)

on 23-25/5/2007 is the harakat islahiyah exam..this ustaz is more towards democracy..(demokrasi la sgt..smlm je)..because we can choose between writting examination or oral type of myself, i chose the oral test because i have more time to read..beside that leh buat muke kesian depan ustaz..and one more thing i will have the idea what type of question ustaz will asked..before the usually i will asked ustaz..what topic should we he about the umar abdul aziz and what he do..then about the wahabi..then about your assignment..then ayat regarding harakat islahiyah..(aku punye la hafal mende2 ni..last2..mmg bersepah la dia tnya pasal mende2 ni..satu pon xde..{setelah dibanci..aku blom exam ni kot..insyaAllah..hehe})..after i asked few of my friend which has sitted the exam..majority told that ustaz asked questions from the book that ustaz gave us last week..(fuh..menggelupur aku,nisah,aishah,cip and dilla baca buku tu..) today maybe we gonna sit the exam..doakan utk kami yer..Rabbuna usahil..(takutnye!!!)

so..moral of the all the notes that been hand-out by the lecturers..don't asked them..because they love to do the "wakenebeb" kind of stuff..(like i've told before)..adusss..!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


[~exam mode~]

all the exam "thingy" made me miss my mommy and my nephew..hurm..mak ude miss adam so much la..miss your cute voice..adam must be a gudboy for bonda and ayah and nenek de tau..this is my mommy's and my favourite song..a lot of meaning..

masihkah kau ingat- kopratasa..

masihkah kau ingat pada waktu itu,
sekuntum bunga mekar,
selit ke rambutmu,
masihkah kau ingat ia menjadi mimpi,
dan menjadi rindu,
masihkah kau ingat...
masihkah kau ingat kite berlari-lari,
dikaki langit mencari pelangi,
lalu hujan turun kita basah bersama
masihkah kau ingat...(2x)
masihkah kau ingat kita berlari-lari,
dikaki langit mencari pelangi,
lalu hujan turun,kita basah bersama,
masihkah kau ingat..(2x)

Friday, May 18, 2007

new day..~

[~new day~]

it's been a while since I've updated this blog..being busy with the assignments..preparing for my exams..fuh..a lot of paper need to be read..all of this made my mind goes blank and nothing to talk about..suddenly this came up my mind when there was a girl told me..can i help her search for the "truth"..she is a Mexican..only 25 years in a travel agency..she suddenly get interested in Islam when she went to morocco..(she found two of her friends which is a Muslim)..then she compared the bible and the qoran..she told..that the bible and the qoran have a lot of resemblance but suddenly she felt that the qoran is trying to tell her something which she can't understand and she need somebody's guidance and help..i am very happy to help her..then..i went should i help should i convince her..should i read a phrase in qoran to her?after i performed the solat(maghrib)..i sat for a while at the sejadah..."thank god i am a born Muslim..Ya Allah please guide me through this life and never lead my life to the darkness"..after having a moment of thinking,suddenly i felt mad at myself..i only receive the truth..but never try to search for it..i still remember it was last 2006 when the Mother's In Iman organized a programme about their experiences being a convert-muslim(mother's in iman is an organisation for the convert-muslim)..hehe..actually i've been forced by my mommy to participate(klu x..xdenye aku ni rajin2 nak gi..)..i found it really amazing..where by they told us about their hardness to find the"truth"..the programme made me feel grateful(thanx mak!)..then there was this women(i forgot her name)..she told that once she have a problem about understanding the went up and meet a muslim lady(she told that the lady was an ustazah)..but unfortunately the lady can't convinced the meantime she was confused..the born muslim also can't find the where she should turn to??(thank god she don't go back to her old religion) she went to see a man(which also a convert)..and guess what..she found what she want from that man..that man answered her question marvelously (eceh..)..the man told her"always ask the converts because they will give you the answer..don't go to the born-muslim because you will find nothing..i'm not trying to under-arrestimate the born-muslim..but that is the fact"..hurm(tarik nafas panjang..)..his words was myself..i only receive..but not search..(that is why i wanted to continue my studies in islamic studies)..i realised that i should do something..!(org melayu ni mmg..dah kene jentik br nak sedar itupon kadang2 x sedar lg..nak kene sepak terajang kot br sedar..huhu) my ustaz told should i tell the jews and Christians if they ask why the qoran is published(xtau nak gune perkataan ape..huhu) in jazaer arabia(tanah arab) but not in paris or new york or france??and how should u answer if a man said that "this life(world) is just there(exist with no one created it before)" is all about control everything..(this statement was asked by a french man to me..{timing tu tgh lepak dgn zainab-sorg awek arab keje kat kementerian kebudayaan morocco}..)..i think that's all for today..(suddenly windu kat my anak buah yg montel2 tuh!)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

precious adam..


.::~precious Adam~::.

have a chat with adam's bonda..she told me about her experience giving birth to her first son, was not normal way..she went through a CEASSARIAN SECTION which is an operation it is because Adam's heart beat suddenly turn slow and my sister don't have the strenght anymore to push Adam it was an emergency operation..Syukur Alhamdulillah..everything turn out well..Adam was born on the 2nd of May 2007 at 12.19p.m..he is very cute..i'm very proud of my sister..she was very painful(when received the siren from Adam telling that he is coming out)..but all the pain fled away when she saw Adam..Subhanallah..what a miracle huh??suddenly came out from my mind about an ayat in surah Al-mukminun ayat 12-15 which the tafsir is:
12.And certainly dia We create man from an extract of clay.
13. Then We placed him as a sperm-drop in a firm lodging.
14. Then We made the sperm-drop into a clinging clot, and We made the clot into a lump [of flesh], and We made [from] the lump, bones, and We covered the bones with flesh; then We developed him into another creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of creators.
15. Then indeed, after that you are to die.

the sciences prove that they found the meat first before the bones(human)..but there was an other ayat told the human being no to question His greatness..because He is Samiul Alim..(he hears and knows everything)..ehem..praktis nak jadi ustazah jap..huhu..

Saturday, May 5, 2007

here goes..

::~here goes~::

i'm quite tired today..about 11.00a.m(after watching "tentang bulan"-a cute movie..~hero dia dr kecik sampai besar encem..huhu~) go out to take my bitoqoh watoni or as known as ID card/mycard/IC (ala..kad pengenalan tu la..) at the police station..(weird huh..take the card at the police station but not at a specific centre..hurm)..then return home and surf internet..then get ready for my arabic class in Haie Nada..about 60min by bus from my house..i just go there alone..the teacher who is teaching me is wearing niqob..when the first time i went to her house..she check the way i took my ablution(wuduk) and how i pray(seriously i say..i was so unkhusyuk when she look at me during the prayer..)after i finished everything, she came up to me and say.."shahirah..there are some errors during your prayers" (after she said this..i was seriously damn scared!!oh really??)..then i answered with a cool face(as usuall..hehe).."Rasulullah doa when he performs as-solat nafilah(solat sunat) but not after a fardh.normally he will do the zikir first..which is a little bit of ayat al-quran,tasbih,ayat qursi,surah al-ikhlas..after you do all of this,then u can raise your hand for doa.."she continues..then i went thinking.."what am i doing just now??singing??"today is the second time..after the learning..suddenly she ask me.." you forgot about the payment or you don't even want to pay??(sometimes the arabs don't have a good sense of humour).." i replied "i do have this thinking about giving you little bit.."then she smiles(she smiled at first but not as sweet as after i stated about giving her some money)..after a little bit of conversation(private and confidential) which suddenly i felt far-hearted from her..she ask me the payment for the course which is about 200dh=RM95 per month..only god knows how my heart felt..(mana aku nak cari duit nak bayar dia ni..)'s a little bit expensive because the course is only once a week..ok fine, some may say that's alright but my scholarship is so "petit" ..Ya Allah..please give me strength so that i can go through this life fluently..and please..far me from the silent sins(unsatisfied with the teacher)..wish me matter who is your teacher,he or she is still a teacher..try to dig and search the ilm in her/he..

Thursday, May 3, 2007


hurm..nothing cool happen just go to class then attend exam...our lecturer love to do the "wakenebeb" type of stuff..for an example..when we were not ready and suddenly the lecturer come in the class with a happy face and say "hello everybody..we gonna have an exam today so please take out a piece of paper and write your name and code on the paper..and please..all of you are an Islamic studies no CHEATING (ya..right..).." but if we are lucky the lecturer will post-poned the exam to another date..(cool huh..)..but if not..(alamat istidrok la jawabnye..that means..repeat paper la..ape lg..)actually if we look at the bright side..the lecturer wanted us to be ready always....(but if u look at the student side of is so uncool to do that..)..alhamdulillah..thank god..all of my lecturers will inform us earlier about the exams..(xdela early mane pon..a week before or a day before or at the forthnight or suke hati dia la..)..wish me luck for this..seriously it is so scary to sit for examination when you are in morocco..anything can happen..the important thing is to work hard and pray to Allah always..and suddenly i miss my family so much..hurm..thinking what are they doing right they miss me like i do??

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

aT LasT...

~Adam timing in kak ain's womb~

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh(my ustaz always warned.."dont ever shorten this phrase because if you do..u are a stingy kinda person..) for those who are muslims and Hi for those who are! last i have my own blog..yuhoo!!nothing to share today just cant keep smiling coz at last my darling busyuk sister had just give birth to a baby boy at 1 p.m(malaysia time)..huhu..can't called her MAK BUYONG last..the moment that we've all been waiting for..(coz the duedate was on 27 april 07..but adam don wanna come out yet..)so..a new khalifah was born..Syukur Alhamdulillah..Welcome Adam..mak ude hope that Adam will be a good son for ayah and bonda and a good grandson for nek De..i called myself mak ude..kak ain called herself bonda,abg aidil will call himself ayah..shahir=pak usu kot..hehe..dunno..and abg shahriman,abg shahrizal,and abg shaza will think a name for themselves..adam..don't forget to doa for mak ude to succeed so that mak ude can blanje u a lot of ice-creams and expensive,cool yet happening toys..hehe..congratulations abg aidil and kak ain..and to mak..don't forget to makan ubat..urm..before i forget..a lot of thanx to the V.Js for supporting me on creating this blog..