Friday, November 30, 2007



hehe..kan last thursday my lecturer didn't come on my presentation then yesterday she said..

"ismahliya liannani lam ati fi yamn khamis al-madhi 'ala sabab al-jaw wa duyuf atau 'indi..ismahliya bizzaff..=i'm sorry because i'm absent last thursday because the weather was wet and there was guests at my house..i'm so sorry"

me (shocked..!!what??a teacher said sorry??weird..but cool though..hehe)
la' ustazah..masyi problem

lecturer : walakin wash dirti ard diyalik? (bahasa pasar) tapi klu bahasa arab fushah(classic) walakin hal qumti 'arduki?= but have you presented your presentation?

me : na'am

lecturer : mizyan = marvelous..(she smiles..i was soooo shocked..because she was known as the most fierce lecturer..dengan dia ni jgn r main-main..ade yg melalak nanti)

me : syukran ustazah..

lecturer : izan..uktubi li arduki wa a'tini hu..sorfi?= if that so..please write it for me and pass it up..ok?

me : insyaAllah..syukran ya ustazah

lecturer : al-'afu = you're welcome (you also can use 'afwan)

waaa...mcm mimpi la..mungkin ini la dinamakan rahmat mengulang..actually i have to repeat my first semester's subject..because there was a little problem with my marks..suddenly my mid-term paper was missing so they don't know how much i automatically my final on that subject have a little bit problems..(sebab satu subjek ada masalah..kene ulang 4 subject..)..there was another problem with my other subject..tak cukup 0.4 x this semester i have to study 13 subjects..(six subjects from the first semester)..penaaat sangat2..tu yang exam tak menentu..

at first i was so sad..then my ustaz said.."redha..nanti akan ketemu manisnya...ada beza antara pasrah dan redha..jika kita pasrah..kite akan mempersoalkan apa yang telah diutuskan tapi jika kita redha..kita akan memikirkan bahawa setiap ape yang Allah utuskan itu adalah yang terbaik buat kita"..

Allah once told in the holy Al-quran in surah Al-baqarah ayat 153 : O who have believed,seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient "

if we look back at the ayat, Allah said "ya ayyuhal lazina amanu" means for those who are muslim that believed in Allah..(because there are also muslim but don't believe in him..)..if we think for a minute..why Allah didn't said "ya ayyuhan nas" means to everybody which is muslim or non-muslim.. there are differences between "ya ayyuhan nas" and "ya ayyuhal lazina amanu"

"ya ayyuhal lazina amanu" (ayat which starts with this phrase is after the light of Islam came..mostly it is dedicated to the believer)

"ya ayyuhan nas" (ayat which starts with this phrase is before the light of Islam came and dedicated to the non-believer)

ok..back to the ayat..yes..the non-muslim can be patient but the muslim have their own strenght that is prayers..and this ayat is specially dedicated to the be strong on everything.. and always remember that Allah is always with us..

Allah also told in surah Al-tallaq ayat 7 "Allah will bring about, after hardship,ease"..

don't get fed-up..because sometimes we don't see it(the ease)..but if we sit back and relax..and think(muhasabah).. insyaAllah..we can see it..hidup ini penuh dengan myself..seriously..i really wanted to learn tajwid..but to find the real sheikh is a bit hard since i'm a girl..(klu laki takpe la..bole gi umah diorg..tak pon bole talaqqi terus..)..then tetibe sem ni..kebetulan ade subject tu..dah la takyar bayar..dengan ustazah pulak tu..dia betulkan makhraj huruf..mmg best la..rahmat mengulang..pastu my lecturer lebih syg..(teacher's pet..huhu)..and byk lagi la..dan yang paling penting..ilmu tu lebih difahami..subhanallah..

so..bersabarla..dan berdoa kerana ia senjata orang mukmin..

Saturday, November 24, 2007



today i have exam..!arghhhh..!!just imagine..exam on saturday..!!!nasib baik subjek hadith..(my favourite subject)..wish me luck..!i really inspire him(my lecturer)..he afford to memorised lots of hadith and matan(poem that related to the subject which is a must to memorise it if you want to know about that subject) every subject there will have there own matan..and avery matan the will have many book that explain about the for hadith..there will be matan arba'in nawawi(this matan includes 40 hadith-which i need to memorised it..huhu)..then matan baiquniah..matan as-suyuti..matan alfiyah al-iraqi..and lots more..(banyak weh..)..and my lecturer memorised them all...fuyoooo..he also memorised matan from other subjects like Arabic and many more..(ya Allah..besarnye otak dia..nak tukar jap la..)..

adam..mak ude miss dia la..!!dah besar dah budak kecik ni..hari tu tengok dia kat webcam..dah bole mamah mak dia punye laptop..ish3..

Friday, November 23, 2007



ok..yesterday..i did the went well..erm..not well..but a little bit under the status of well..huhu..maybe my classmates have no choice but just to hear on what i'm mumbling around..huhu..seriously..time was so tight..i wish that in one day have that same week i have exams plus with the time was not enough at all..seriously..i was yesterday..i just present what i translate it into Arabic is quite difficult..(memang main bantai je baca semalam..baris huruf pon main redah je..huhu..)..but yesterday my lecturer didn't i just present it without the teacher..(bile lagi nak jd cikgu..hehe) at the end..i asked to my there any question??..there was just silence..(waa..gudgirl n boy r sume..)about 10 sec later i said "assukutu 'alamatul redha" silence is the sign of acceptable and approval..hehe..(suke2 aku je) that's it..(fuh..lps dah presentation tu lega betul..but what scares me right now is if the lecturer said that she want to see a perform the presentation once again IN FRONT OF HER..mak ai..)

Saturday, November 17, 2007



as i was reading some bulletin on my profile at a web called "myspace"..suddenly i found a bulletin which was so interesting..about our beloved prophet muhammad {may peace be upon him} he can stand with the people around him treating him as if he has no feeling..seriously..he is my he tried to spread Islam..but pity him..because some of the Muslim don't even care about his sacrifice..if we looked back through his history..where by people keep on threatening him..wanted to kill him..every of his single step been followed..been cursed by his own uncle..(ish..memang hebat la dia bole tahan semua tuh..) if we hear his name (just to show our love)..don't forget to selawat.. more thing..i'm right now doing a research on surah At-takwir..the forth surah in juzuk amma..i'm going to do a presentation on Thursday..seriously..i'm so scared..first time doing a presentation in front of all Moroccans..(ish..dah la cakap bahasa arab..mati aku..!!)..wish me luck..insyaAllah if i have time..i'll publish my research on this lovely blog of mine..huhu

Friday, November 16, 2007

{-the banana story-}

{-the banana story-}

hurm..yesterday i have exam..mid-term..finals maybe going to be this month is a killer month for me..the gab between mid-term test and finals examination is only about 2 to 3 weeks..(depends on the lecturer)...sometimes the unexpected examination can give me a right after my paper yesterday,chip and i went to the supermarket(acima) to buy some of our house's stuff..while i was choosing and putting the groceries into the troly..suddenly i saw a bunch of yellow,yummy, ripe straight away..i took them and hand it to the cashier..guess what??5 biji bananas cost me about 11 dirhams, convert to malaysian ringgit is about rm8!!!waaa..mahalnye..patutnye pisang ni la yang dinamakan "pisang emas"..huhu..wish me luck for my exams..!!seriously i'm so scared..!!

so at the same and my roommates have a new motto..(since everybody has put on weight..except chip..she is decreasing..hurm..weird...).."kami anti lemak..!!"or "we hate fat..!" anybody has a diet tips for beginners??

Sunday, November 11, 2007

{- a long trip-}

{-a long trip-}

" Ya Allah..dah bersawang dah blog ni..ish..ish..ish..,"kata tuan punye blog's been a long weekend for me..where there was the orientation for the new students..with the unexpected examination(need to be ready always) and i've told on my previous lecturers love to do last was their first class for this semester(sbb diorg datang lambat sangat semester ni)..then the lecturer suddenly do an exam..pity them..fuh..cuak jugak ni..

Last Saturday..i went to Casablanca..seriously like Bukit Bintang in KL..!!waa..really miss malaysia..!!actually i was sending my juniors to their house..just to show them where is their house and help them to do some cleaning..i want to stay a bit longer actually..but chip said that kak pah wanted to give a ride home..(yerla..tumpang org..kene ikut je la..)..their faces was so gloomy when i said that i want to go home already..(aduih..saje je wat org susah nak tinggalkan diorg)..hehe..seriously they were just like my younger sisters..(eventhough i don't have one..)..the "Casablancas" (i called my junior that since they lived there) was the closest to us since they stay at our house the longest..(2 weeks..) where the other junior just stay about 5days(hehe..x ingat plak brp hari)..anyway,after leaving their house, we(kak pah,abg din,chip and me) went to the city for a while..kak pah wanted to buy something..hehe..i also bought a new watch form myself..(dah lama x pakai jam..brand omega lagi..tapi harga rm20 je..huhu) in morocco,we(my housemate and i) are chasing for the cheap stuff..since everything is so extremely if we buy something..we will compare the price to see who will get the best bargain..hehe..sorry no picture today..seriously i need to kumpul duit to buy a new camera..last time i had my phone to take pictures..but now i just use my eyes to picture everything that i see..(knp la camera mahal sgt ..)