Sunday, September 7, 2008

[-group of knowledge-]

i still have about one month to be here in the UK and then i'm back in morocco..miss my life there but alhamdulillah..i think my life here in the UK is not a waste of time..i start to take seriously about time consuming and many more..and i'm so greatfull to Allah for planning and making my life flows very nice..yes there are few regrets in the past (not after i came to UK for the holiday)but i think the thing that i regretted for is my own fault..

Alhamdulillah,when i arrived here,at first i don't know what to do..yes, i have planned something to do before..but there are some of them can't be done..and i didn't know that Allah have better plans for was Friday in the month of July,i went out alone searching for the Islamic center in Sheffield because i wanted to join the Islamic community since they have very nice,I went up until Pitsmoor(which took me half an hour from k.lela's house by bus) and i was so shock because there was like this city of muslim people..there were a lot of them..most of the arabs wearing jubahs and have beards and there are shop written in arabic..subhanallah..because when i was in morocco,i thought that it's hard for the muslims to live here since there are people who have bad point of view about Islam..but here in UK,Alhamdulillah..they can wear long hijabs and black abaya..they can show their identity..some sisters are wearing niqab..subhanallah..and the brothers can have long beards and wearing jubah..that's the best thing about UK..i just felt like living in a muslim country..

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