Tuesday, September 9, 2008

-nur Islam-

Alhamdullillah,as I've sailed to a country which rearly hard to hear the wonderful sound of Athan,i started to realize what's the true meaning of this statement "when i go to a Muslim country,i can't see muslim but i did see Islam,and when i went to a non-Muslim country,i see muslim but i can't see Islam".And subhanallah,this statement which i quoted from a man's word is quite true.Where by this one day,while i was walking in a town called Sheffield,i saw an English lady wearing a scarf(hijab) which is something unusual to be seen at this town except for the Arabs that migrated here.So,i walked up to her,greet and exchange our numbers and email.And the next day,we started to contact each other.She brought me to the mosque nearby and I started to join them(the convert sisters) with their study-circle and Quran lessons.And Masha Allah,i was speechless to see their effort to know Islam.Even though the Arabic words and their mother-tongue language is different but still they try hard to do their best in reading Al-quran and perform the Solat.Some of the new sister(converters) are really new to Islam (which is only about one week) but already can fast and read the Al-fatihah in the Solat and that is to me very impressive.

And what make me love here is Alhamdulillah,the Arabian sisters always organize Islamic classes such as Tajweed classes(on Saturday and Sunday afternoon for those who understand Arabic and Monday for those understand English),Feqah-which discuss about Islamic rules in every scholars'(Mazahib) point of view and this classes is also divided into two which is on Monday afternoon is for those who understand Arabic and another group is for those who understand English and there are also other subjects.

here i attached a checklist that might me useful in our daily life..just click here

Have a full of bless and wonderful Ramadan..Ramadan Mubarak..

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