Tuesday, October 30, 2007



last sunday..aunty pipah invite the ladies and few of the male student to her house for a tahlil..it's for her son..he passed away when aunty pipah just arrived about 3 months in morocco..uncle salim just got shifted from washington..her late son was trying to help her niece because there was few guys kacau-kacau the girl..then her son was beaten up by the guys real hard until he passed away..but till now..aunty pipah don't know who beat his son until death..*sigh*

i called my mother..windu sama mak kite..siap mimpi2 lagi..hehe..that's why..alang2 update blog sekali la..sorry if i take time to update since right now i'm soooo busy...with the assignments and the exam is coming up..(ish..baru je start sem..tibe2 nak exam dah..waa...!!!)..at first one of my lecturer said.."for your mid-sem test..please read the whole book from abu zahrah entitle usul feqh"...so i and the rest of my classmate bought that book..(siap berebut-rebut lagi kat kedai buku)..at last..yesterday..he told us like this.."for your mid-sem test please do me a summary of al-adillatul humumah..15 days from now.."..i was like..what????(dahla nak baca buku abu zahrah tu yg sepatutnye amik masa setahun dia suruh baca dalam masa sebulan..den ni dah la melayu belacan..mana reti sgt BA tu..huhu..nak fahamkan lagi..sabar je la..)..then add up with my other lecturer..asking us to do an assignment regarding kitab mustasfa from imam ghazali..waaa..susahnye sem ni..!!tu campur dgn kene hafal 2 juzuk ayat alquran..campur lagi 40 hadith and matan baiquniah..waa...!!!ade lagi sebulan je ni..

but the good news is..my mommy said.."why don't you buy a new handphone?"
so i said.."nevermind..i'll just use the old one"
mak : takpe la..beli je la yang baru..
me : kalau org nak beli yang ada camera bole tak??
mak : takpe..beli la..
me : betul ke ni??tapi...duit cukup2 je nak bayar sewa umah bulan depan..
mak :erm..tengok la..dah abis ke duit??
me : hehe..erm..xdela..ade sikit2 je..takpe la..handphone can wait..(ish..ade ke patut ckp mcm ni..huhu)
mak : so okla kalau macam tuh..

so..yay..! i can buy a new one..but then i don't want to buy a handphone..but i want to buy a camera..bole main tangkap2 gambar..hehe...xpela..klu lulus sem ni..as a prize for myself..a brand new camera..!!

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