Thursday, October 18, 2007

{-Eid Mubarak Said 2-}

{-Eid Mubarak Said 2-}

the second day of raya...

that morning..we just sit and relax because that night we need to cook for the day after since the next day is the openhouse for malaysian nak kumpul tenaga..yerla..dah openhouse student..student la yang kene masak..hehe..ladies just need to prepare "soto" and kuih raya...the rest..the men will take care of it..because the amount of girls here is sooo few..about 11 of us..actually there were about 21 of us(seluruh morocco)..but then 10 of them is still in malaysia spending their holidays..yg leceh-leceh depa bagi kat budak perempuan suruh buat..huhu..

then after maghrib, Pangeran Brunei invited us to his house..for raya celebration..Aunty Noriah(the pangeran's wife) cooked everything..ketupat..kuah kacang..crab soup..nasi minyak..daging pindang..sweet sour fish and other yummy food..just imagine..the occasion was from morning till is she able to cook a big amount of food that day..seriously..those who open a catering company is so terer la..!!me..i'm only afford to cook for less than 10 people..itu pun taste dah lari..kihkihkih..kene amik kursus ni bile balik msia..hehe..

then about 10 p.m..we went back tired..but cannot sleep yet..a big thing has to be done first..xle tdo selagi soto tak masak..!!we start from the leceh2 stuff like carik 5kg isi ayam..then goreng su-on..potong sayur..subuh br siap..huhu..then after subuh we start with preparing the soup..huhu..mengantuk..nak tidoo...!!

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