Sunday, November 11, 2007

{- a long trip-}

{-a long trip-}

" Ya Allah..dah bersawang dah blog ni..ish..ish..ish..,"kata tuan punye blog's been a long weekend for me..where there was the orientation for the new students..with the unexpected examination(need to be ready always) and i've told on my previous lecturers love to do last was their first class for this semester(sbb diorg datang lambat sangat semester ni)..then the lecturer suddenly do an exam..pity them..fuh..cuak jugak ni..

Last Saturday..i went to Casablanca..seriously like Bukit Bintang in KL..!!waa..really miss malaysia..!!actually i was sending my juniors to their house..just to show them where is their house and help them to do some cleaning..i want to stay a bit longer actually..but chip said that kak pah wanted to give a ride home..(yerla..tumpang org..kene ikut je la..)..their faces was so gloomy when i said that i want to go home already..(aduih..saje je wat org susah nak tinggalkan diorg)..hehe..seriously they were just like my younger sisters..(eventhough i don't have one..)..the "Casablancas" (i called my junior that since they lived there) was the closest to us since they stay at our house the longest..(2 weeks..) where the other junior just stay about 5days(hehe..x ingat plak brp hari)..anyway,after leaving their house, we(kak pah,abg din,chip and me) went to the city for a while..kak pah wanted to buy something..hehe..i also bought a new watch form myself..(dah lama x pakai jam..brand omega lagi..tapi harga rm20 je..huhu) in morocco,we(my housemate and i) are chasing for the cheap stuff..since everything is so extremely if we buy something..we will compare the price to see who will get the best bargain..hehe..sorry no picture today..seriously i need to kumpul duit to buy a new camera..last time i had my phone to take pictures..but now i just use my eyes to picture everything that i see..(knp la camera mahal sgt ..)

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