Wednesday, October 17, 2007

{-Eid Mubarak Said-}

{-Eid Mubarak Said-}

the firstday of raya...

the firstday of raya was kinda sad at first because i thought that our embassador will invite us to his house to perform the solat aidilfitri but then there were a little mix up and unconfirm programme during the raya..because on that day everybody wanted to do last makan di umah sendiri je..huhu..(kaktie-my housemate cooked mee sup..sedaaaaapppppp) then later that afternoon Kak pah called and said that actually the firstday of raya is at her kami pon ape lagi..siap2 pakai wangi2..(sebenarnye memang dah wangi..tapi nak wangikan lagi..hehe) and away to her house..but before going to her housemate and i salam each other and ask for forgiveness..(sedih je keluarga yang ada kat sini..)..

then about 3p.m my girl friends from mohamedia arrive at our house..(balik kampung..)..guess what..??they baked about 8 types of cookies..(terer kan diorg)..we were so suprised when they came to Rabat and bring huge tupperware filled with cookies..yay..!!ade mazola,kuih tart nanas,chocolate chip cookies,almond london, butter cookies, sarang semut,kuih arab, chocolate cookies..(memang rumah kami byk la kuih raya..)..mix with the one that we've made..semperit..cornflake madu,cornflake permata cookies,shortbread cookies and cornflake mix with kacang2 and almond..(i don't know what it's name...huhu)..bykkan??who says that raya kat perantauan tak meriah??hehe...

then after maghrib..our embassador invited us to his house..on the way to his house i was sesat..(malu Rabat bole sesat..sedangkan selalu gi umah duta..kehkehkeh..)..then about 10 o'clock..aunty pipah ajak tumpang kereta dia..balik umah..(nasib baik..xyah nak bayar tambang duit raya..hehe)

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