Thursday, October 18, 2007

{-Eid Mubarak Said 3-}

{-Eid Mubarak Said-}

the third day of raya...

eventhough that night we were so tired..but still make an afford to go to the Malaysian Student Association in Morocco's gathering...(ececehh..)..the event starts at 11 a.m..aunty pipah came to fetch us up since she was so pity on us and wondering how should we bring the big periuk to Kenitra by train..(dah la girls yang nak bawa periuk tu ke sane..pakai baju raya pulak tu...huhu..)..then she said nevermind..she'll try to come early and go with us to kenitra..yay!!..again the day was saved..hehe..(pocket money pon saved jugak..huhu)..hehe..first time from rabat to Kenitra by car..normally we will take the train..actually by bus is more cheaper but by train is more comfortable and save..( i've said before moroccan drivers are...erm..horrible..-the best word-)..the event was so cool..have nasyid..karaoke..hehe..(guys cube mencungkil bakat-bakat tersepit mereka)..the food was kuah kacang..nasi minyak..soto..nasi himpit..rendang..seriously.. like Malaysia..huhu..

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