Wednesday, October 10, 2007


{-fully recovered-}

Alhamdulillah..after taking the medicine and stop drinking icy-cold water, I'm fully recovered..being sick is so boring..(tapi alhamdulillah..klu tak sakit..nnt jadi macam raja namrud pulak..takpe kifarah dosa..huhu) brain lost 45% of the ability on thinking creatively..but now..yay..!it has come back after the flu went off..huhu..elok2 je lps dah sihat, one of my Moroccan friends invite us to breakfast at her house..her father is an Imam at the nearest mosque at her conversation is mainly towards Islamic..(huhu..senyum nampak gigi sikit) usual our main dish are harirah soup,boiled egg, and syabakiyah..
(in the bowl is harirah,in the middle of the table is murtabak morocco and at the end of the table is syabakiyah)

one thing that i respect Arabs is that they treat us like cousins..they even called us "ukht" or "akh" which means brother and sister..even if you go and buy groceries at the shop..u still called the sell person "khuya" for men or "ukhti" for women.Allah once told in Surah al-hujurat ayat 10

"The believers are brothers"

but if you go to the arab's house make sure you've prepare an empty stomach because they will stuffed you up with lots and lots of food until you want to cry (i don't know about others..but i always feel that way) tak best la kenyang2 sangat..rase macam perut nak terkoyak..

on the 27 day of ramadhan, the moroccans believe that it is the night of the lailatulqadar.So they will dress their young beautifully as a sign of grateful to's like a parade..( pelik sikit) yesterday, after solat terawih at my friend's house, on the way back we watched the parade for a while..(tp sayang..xle tangkap pon gambar amik sorok-sorok gune handphone..dahla hp cap ayam je..)..but some of them spent their time at the mosque and pray..on that night the mosque will be open 24 hours..

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