Friday, November 23, 2007



ok..yesterday..i did the went well..erm..not well..but a little bit under the status of well..huhu..maybe my classmates have no choice but just to hear on what i'm mumbling around..huhu..seriously..time was so tight..i wish that in one day have that same week i have exams plus with the time was not enough at all..seriously..i was yesterday..i just present what i translate it into Arabic is quite difficult..(memang main bantai je baca semalam..baris huruf pon main redah je..huhu..)..but yesterday my lecturer didn't i just present it without the teacher..(bile lagi nak jd cikgu..hehe) at the end..i asked to my there any question??..there was just silence..(waa..gudgirl n boy r sume..)about 10 sec later i said "assukutu 'alamatul redha" silence is the sign of acceptable and approval..hehe..(suke2 aku je) that's it..(fuh..lps dah presentation tu lega betul..but what scares me right now is if the lecturer said that she want to see a perform the presentation once again IN FRONT OF HER..mak ai..)

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