Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy birthday

~kat kek ni tulis "hepi besday budak baik..ehehe..~
happy birthday to me...~

ehehe..alhamdulillah..when i woke up that (13/02/09) morning..i knew that i need to say goodbye to my "teenage life" and say hi to "adulthood"...still remember when kak ain reached 21 years dad said to her.."so now..u are an adult..need to face a lot of new stuff, bye-bye to teenage life"..when i heard that..i felt like.."eee..kak ain..tuanyee.."because i was only 13 at that time..and now..when i'm 21..i don't feel a thing..i just feel same me..i think that's why when some people don't care about age but the important things is how their life's all about how they adapt the changes..and not be left behind..but i sure know one thing..that is to achive my goals..

anyway..alhamdulillah..i passed all my's just like a present to myself..this year..i'm broke..haven't receive my scholarship money yet..i've planned my things to cook..but none can be is so uncool to celebrate your birthday when you are pennyless..i hate when i don't have any money..because i can just see people buying things..but i dont..!!hehe..

so..nothing cool happen that day..early morning..received many birthday wish SMS from my friends but i'm not be able to reply them because i was so sleepy..then i went to Uni just to check out my results..i have a problem with my result..somehow i received "0" on one of my i've met the lecturer who was incharge on that subject last wednesday..and he said that maybe the errors came from the admins because malaysian student received really good marks on this subject..since that error occur..i need to resit another paper which is in the same module to make the marks stable..(believe will never understand how the marks here..pelik2 sikit..kalau nak terangkan pon amik masa lama..eheh..sbb sini xde sistem CGPA..)

actually i don't have to resit that subject..because my marks is already ok..but just to be in a safe i did it..luckly,the students that need to resit that paper is just about 6 of my lecturer just ask us what is our problem because most of us have good marks..maybe just lack about 1 or 0.5 point to pass the paper (i need only 0.5 to pass this paper..can you believe that??)..

so i told him that the other subject makes my module point unstable so that i need to resit this subject..but everything is taken care of so i just need to wait for the final result to come out..he said..whatever it is..i need to strive all the assignments(hehe..i didn't do his..)..and he also said that since i always attend his he gave me extra marks..he even add 2.5 cool is that..and make me receive "mustahsan" for this kids..don't ever miss your class..ehehe..(mule2 cuak jugak..sebab xde nota nak baca utk subject ni..yerla..nak amik exam balik..tapi xde nota..mau terbabas nnt..ekeke..pagi tadi gi exam..tawakal je..tapi lain pulak jadinya..dahla x kene jawab ape2 soalan..last2 dapat tambah markah..hehe)

i can't stop went to madinah so settle my ID card..zahirah (who was known as chip) bought me a birthday cake..pastu bagi kat tengah2 jalan..ekekek..dah la kek tu sejuk..makcik polis cakap "happy birthday"..time kasih makcik polis..!

thanx to those who made that day worthful..yang bagi sms..hadiah..terima kasih banyak2..

to mak..terima kasih yang tak terhingga kerana telah membesarkan sheah dengan sempurna..21 tahun tanpa sebarang kekurangan..thanx for being the coolest mother in the whole wide world..!!sentiasa ada disisi bile diperlukan dan sentiasa memahami kehendak sheah..thanx for making me "Shahirah Nadiah binti Shaharuddin"..

to my family..i love u guys so much..


..adikbebecute.. said...

sherot.. salam alaik.. ape khabar? rindu nye kat sherot. dah lama tak peluk sherot. hihi.. ingat tak dulu kite penah celebrate bestday kat umah bawah sesame. masa tu bestday sherot la.. alahai.. rindu nye korang sme.. teringat2 morocco plak.. doakan kak anis kat sini. byk urusan perlu di selesaikan.. take care kat sane.. hantar2 la berita kalau rajin ye.. take care. kim salam kawan sume.. saayang korang.

Saya said...

salam kak..
thn ni x buat makan2 la..
sebab x dapat gaji lagi..huhu
semua org mkn angin je..
meh la dtg morocco..
rindu kat akak juge..

Farah Imani said...

Akk saya nak mtk maaf sebab lewat nk wish besday kat akk..walaupun saya mmg tulis sume besday akk2 vj..SANAH HELWAH YA JAMILATI.teringat last year besday akk sambut kat v2c..semoga akk ceria dan happy selalu..teringat ceremal akk yg sedap tu ;P peace (bmakna ayat terakhir nie) :)

Saya said...

nnt la akak buat lg yea..
hr tu ingat nak gi Casa..tapi sen x ckp r..huhu