Thursday, May 3, 2007


hurm..nothing cool happen just go to class then attend exam...our lecturer love to do the "wakenebeb" type of stuff..for an example..when we were not ready and suddenly the lecturer come in the class with a happy face and say "hello everybody..we gonna have an exam today so please take out a piece of paper and write your name and code on the paper..and please..all of you are an Islamic studies no CHEATING (ya..right..).." but if we are lucky the lecturer will post-poned the exam to another date..(cool huh..)..but if not..(alamat istidrok la jawabnye..that means..repeat paper la..ape lg..)actually if we look at the bright side..the lecturer wanted us to be ready always....(but if u look at the student side of is so uncool to do that..)..alhamdulillah..thank god..all of my lecturers will inform us earlier about the exams..(xdela early mane pon..a week before or a day before or at the forthnight or suke hati dia la..)..wish me luck for this..seriously it is so scary to sit for examination when you are in morocco..anything can happen..the important thing is to work hard and pray to Allah always..and suddenly i miss my family so much..hurm..thinking what are they doing right they miss me like i do??

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