Friday, May 18, 2007

new day..~

[~new day~]

it's been a while since I've updated this blog..being busy with the assignments..preparing for my exams..fuh..a lot of paper need to be read..all of this made my mind goes blank and nothing to talk about..suddenly this came up my mind when there was a girl told me..can i help her search for the "truth"..she is a Mexican..only 25 years in a travel agency..she suddenly get interested in Islam when she went to morocco..(she found two of her friends which is a Muslim)..then she compared the bible and the qoran..she told..that the bible and the qoran have a lot of resemblance but suddenly she felt that the qoran is trying to tell her something which she can't understand and she need somebody's guidance and help..i am very happy to help her..then..i went should i help should i convince her..should i read a phrase in qoran to her?after i performed the solat(maghrib)..i sat for a while at the sejadah..."thank god i am a born Muslim..Ya Allah please guide me through this life and never lead my life to the darkness"..after having a moment of thinking,suddenly i felt mad at myself..i only receive the truth..but never try to search for it..i still remember it was last 2006 when the Mother's In Iman organized a programme about their experiences being a convert-muslim(mother's in iman is an organisation for the convert-muslim)..hehe..actually i've been forced by my mommy to participate(klu x..xdenye aku ni rajin2 nak gi..)..i found it really amazing..where by they told us about their hardness to find the"truth"..the programme made me feel grateful(thanx mak!)..then there was this women(i forgot her name)..she told that once she have a problem about understanding the went up and meet a muslim lady(she told that the lady was an ustazah)..but unfortunately the lady can't convinced the meantime she was confused..the born muslim also can't find the where she should turn to??(thank god she don't go back to her old religion) she went to see a man(which also a convert)..and guess what..she found what she want from that man..that man answered her question marvelously (eceh..)..the man told her"always ask the converts because they will give you the answer..don't go to the born-muslim because you will find nothing..i'm not trying to under-arrestimate the born-muslim..but that is the fact"..hurm(tarik nafas panjang..)..his words was myself..i only receive..but not search..(that is why i wanted to continue my studies in islamic studies)..i realised that i should do something..!(org melayu ni mmg..dah kene jentik br nak sedar itupon kadang2 x sedar lg..nak kene sepak terajang kot br sedar..huhu) my ustaz told should i tell the jews and Christians if they ask why the qoran is published(xtau nak gune perkataan ape..huhu) in jazaer arabia(tanah arab) but not in paris or new york or france??and how should u answer if a man said that "this life(world) is just there(exist with no one created it before)" is all about control everything..(this statement was asked by a french man to me..{timing tu tgh lepak dgn zainab-sorg awek arab keje kat kementerian kebudayaan morocco}..)..i think that's all for today..(suddenly windu kat my anak buah yg montel2 tuh!)

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