Friday, May 25, 2007

~restless week~

[~restless week~]

it's been the exam week usuall..all of my housemate (and myself too) suddenly changed to be a "book-freak" or also known as "study-freak"..until most of our words that we use daily changed..for an example..there was a subject called harakat islahiyah..which is about all the organisations in the world(how they repair or create a new impact of thinking or "life" to the nation..) the word "islah" means few of our dialogue :
"weh..ape kate ko cube islah paip tu..bising tol bunyi dia"

"erk..lauk semalam ade lagi x..aku nak islah sikit xyahla masak..esok nak exam.."

or another subject regarding feqh muamalat which is mainly about business and there were many types of business..for an example (اليسع الخيار) is about choosing..whether u want it or's like..take it or leave Syafiee scholar ..he doesn't agree with this type of business..because it's like giving people first u want to buy it..the suddenly after a few moment of thinking,u changed your mind and decide not to your dialogue regarding this subject:

-"ko cube r try musawamah(tawar-menawar) dengan dia..mana r tau dia boleh kasi murah ke..jumhur ulama' kata bole..sebab dia terpelihara dari murabahah(belian berlipat kali ganda tapi halal mcm beli umah dari bank)"

-"weh..aku bai' ajal (pembelian yg didahulukan dgn barang..duit kemudian..mcm hutang gak r..tapi maliki tak bagi sebab dia kata salah satu jenis riba..sebab setengah org,dia gi jual barang yg dia dah guna yg dia beli secara hutang dr org lain..kirenye sampai kat pembeli kedua dah x fresh r..ataupon jahanam ke) dgn ko..nnt klu aku ade duit 2-3 hari nanti aku byr r..huhu" and many more..

so starting from 21/5/2007 there was an exam called i'jaz tashri-i (الاِعجاز التشريعي) a killing is about all the hukum syara'..thinking about the benefits of every hukum from Allah..for an example..why Allah don't let(haram) zina(un-wed sex)..because the HIV-Virus is easily spread by that relation..and many! I've found few question related to this subject in yusuf qardawi's book which is about the relation between Allah's hukum and human's law..(fuh..mau benjol utak ku..!)

on tuesday 22/5/2007 it was the feqh muamalat's paper..(paper yg aku rase mcm nak mkn je..lapo tol bile tgk kertas tu!!)..before the exam..ustaz bukhari(the lecturer)- told us to concentrate about hukum2 of every trade and business because maybe he will ask on my friend and i seriously read the entire book but we neglected the beginning of the book..which is the muqaddimah of feqh and syariah..and guess what..there were only four questions..three questions are from the cool kan???(then after i passed the paper to my lecturer..he said.." i saw all the malayziyin are dizzy with the paper"..i reply with a grin..a bad type of grin..-mana taknye..aku umpama tipah tertipu bang!)

on 23-25/5/2007 is the harakat islahiyah exam..this ustaz is more towards democracy..(demokrasi la sgt..smlm je)..because we can choose between writting examination or oral type of myself, i chose the oral test because i have more time to read..beside that leh buat muke kesian depan ustaz..and one more thing i will have the idea what type of question ustaz will asked..before the usually i will asked ustaz..what topic should we he about the umar abdul aziz and what he do..then about the wahabi..then about your assignment..then ayat regarding harakat islahiyah..(aku punye la hafal mende2 ni..last2..mmg bersepah la dia tnya pasal mende2 ni..satu pon xde..{setelah dibanci..aku blom exam ni kot..insyaAllah..hehe})..after i asked few of my friend which has sitted the exam..majority told that ustaz asked questions from the book that ustaz gave us last week..(fuh..menggelupur aku,nisah,aishah,cip and dilla baca buku tu..) today maybe we gonna sit the exam..doakan utk kami yer..Rabbuna usahil..(takutnye!!!)

so..moral of the all the notes that been hand-out by the lecturers..don't asked them..because they love to do the "wakenebeb" kind of stuff..(like i've told before)..adusss..!!

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