Saturday, May 5, 2007

here goes..

::~here goes~::

i'm quite tired today..about 11.00a.m(after watching "tentang bulan"-a cute movie..~hero dia dr kecik sampai besar encem..huhu~) go out to take my bitoqoh watoni or as known as ID card/mycard/IC (ala..kad pengenalan tu la..) at the police station..(weird huh..take the card at the police station but not at a specific centre..hurm)..then return home and surf internet..then get ready for my arabic class in Haie Nada..about 60min by bus from my house..i just go there alone..the teacher who is teaching me is wearing niqob..when the first time i went to her house..she check the way i took my ablution(wuduk) and how i pray(seriously i say..i was so unkhusyuk when she look at me during the prayer..)after i finished everything, she came up to me and say.."shahirah..there are some errors during your prayers" (after she said this..i was seriously damn scared!!oh really??)..then i answered with a cool face(as usuall..hehe).."Rasulullah doa when he performs as-solat nafilah(solat sunat) but not after a fardh.normally he will do the zikir first..which is a little bit of ayat al-quran,tasbih,ayat qursi,surah al-ikhlas..after you do all of this,then u can raise your hand for doa.."she continues..then i went thinking.."what am i doing just now??singing??"today is the second time..after the learning..suddenly she ask me.." you forgot about the payment or you don't even want to pay??(sometimes the arabs don't have a good sense of humour).." i replied "i do have this thinking about giving you little bit.."then she smiles(she smiled at first but not as sweet as after i stated about giving her some money)..after a little bit of conversation(private and confidential) which suddenly i felt far-hearted from her..she ask me the payment for the course which is about 200dh=RM95 per month..only god knows how my heart felt..(mana aku nak cari duit nak bayar dia ni..)'s a little bit expensive because the course is only once a week..ok fine, some may say that's alright but my scholarship is so "petit" ..Ya Allah..please give me strength so that i can go through this life fluently..and please..far me from the silent sins(unsatisfied with the teacher)..wish me matter who is your teacher,he or she is still a teacher..try to dig and search the ilm in her/he..

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