Friday, September 28, 2007

{-tiring week-}

{-tiring week-}

been busy lately since the class have started..from morning till evening..sOoOo tired..dont have time to surf internet..just been able to check my emails..yerla..class start dari kul 9 pagi pastu abis dalam kul 5 petang..balik class je dah lembik..then lps bukak terawih..lps terawih..dah xde masa nak update..huhu..time passes by so is the 16th of ramadhan..yesterday..the imam recite qunut..i don't know about other masjid but at the masjid that i use to go..he recited qunut after the solat terawih..not during the witir..kire mcm doa luar solat gitu..

on monday..i went to kenitra with chip and kakde..kak ana asked us to pick up some of her stuff..she is clearing her stuff since she is going back to malaysia this dapatla harta sikit..hehe..we planned to go back straight away after breakfast..then entah mcm mana..after having a chat with kak ana..tak sedar yang dah pukul 8.30p.m..the last train to Rabat is on we quickly dressed up and went to the train station..we took a cab from kak ana's house to the train station..tunggu punye tunggu satu taksi pon xde..dalam kul 9.15 baru dapat cab..when we arrived at the train station..the man said..the train to Rabat just left about two minutes ago..aduss..frustrated..the next train is on 2.15 we decided to sleep over at kak ana's house..on the way back to kak ana's of my emirate's friend called..she said that we have class that evening..waduh..apela..bile datang kuliah..lecturer lak tak datang..bile kite tak datang..dia plak datang..

so..the nextday..arrived at Rabat about 7.30 a.m since we took the train on 6.45 a.m..(lps subuh walaupon ngantuk..thn jugak..sbb takut terlepas train lagi..)..because i have class at 9.30 a.m..(klu tak..xdehal..) i've arrived home..baring jap..ngantuk betul..tak boleh bukak mata lansung..masyaAllah..pastu terjaga kul 9 a.m..quickly get ready to class..naik teksi because malas nak jalan..

me: assalamualaikum..khuya,ila kuliyyah adab fi madinah irfan..( literature and human science faculty in irfan)

taxi driver : wakho..insyaAllah..(ok..)

~tgh berangan~suddenly..

taxi driver : keynin shi haja fi ain-nik..(you have something at your eyes)

Ya Allah malunye..pastu ape lg..tenyeh la mata..takut2 ade taik mata ke..ish..hampeh tol..last2 nak tau ape??bulu mata rupenye..fuuhhh..

so..arrived at the university at 9.25 a.m..but my lecturer was late..after class..prayed zohor at the musolla..i met one of my good friend..she always helps me and gives me notes during the 2nd semester..(dah lama x jumpe dia)..she gave me something that is so precious..

she : i wanted to gave you this..i bought it during the summer holidays..i bought a small one so that it's easier for you to bring it everywhere..your name is shahirah right??

me : na'am..(yes)..syukrn jazilan..(thank you very much)

seriously..i forgot her name..i felt totally bad..ade ke patut lupe nama org yg selalu tolong kite..because before this i always called her.."the clever kid"..tak pon.."ya mujtahidah" (coverline..sbb taktau nama dia..kang kalau tanya..terasa hati pulak)..because she always hang-out with the genius and harkworking kids..huhu..

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