Sunday, August 5, 2007

{-sports day-}

{-sports day-} Rabat..a sea games was held between Malaysian,Indonesian and Thailand student..(setakat ni..3 kontigen negara ni jer dari benua asia..ade je x ramai n bukan student)..since the amount of us was so the opening ceremony was not so happening(sebab dewan besar kuantiti kiteorg x lebih 120 org..)..but then it was fun..there was this guy..from Thailand..can communicate in 4 different languages which is Malay,English(really fluent),Arabic and Thailand..he was the pengaraca majlis(Emcee) for today's opening ceremony..acara yg dipertandingkan for this sea games is football,volleyball,ping-pong and tomorrow will be the football match..between Malaysia and Indonesia in the morning..(waa..really exited for tomorrow..) the games is only open for the men because ladies nak main pon x sampai 10 org..if from Indonesia they only have 2 female student and from thailand,they only have 3 female main ape..since that..we only cheers for the players..jadi penyokong sejati la..huhu..

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