Wednesday, August 22, 2007

{-happy weekends_}

{-happy weekend-}

my house ran out of the fridge are only butters and tomatoes..(beras pon xde)..Alhamdulillah..there were flour and speggati left..we don't have time to go to the this weekend we was at Kak Rozy's house..(her husband works at the Malaysian Embassy)..all 11 of us spent the weekend there..until at night we were still "kenyang"..then yesterday..there were nothing to eat for Dilla went out to buy some bread..then for dinner..since everybody was so hungry..i volunteer to cook..(actually we have timetable for chef.. i'm on duty on mondays)..there were nothing in the fridge..(bawang pon tinggal separuh..) i boiled some speggaties..and fried some cucur manis..again i invented my own recipe..yay..!(bakat tersepit..)..last weekend we went to the zoo..this is my second time..the zoo was so big..bigger than the Zoo Negara in Malaysia..but Malaysia have more animal than they don't have fishes..(why??i love fish so much..not for dine but for pets..for dine i love chicken drumsticks..)..all the animal here are so big..i was so shock when i saw the rhinoceros..seriously like a mini dinosaur..the!!subhanallah..

this is a mix of donkey and zibra..the lion was sleeping..(ala..boring betul..the first time i came they were roaring..seriously the whole zoo could loud..!!)
the bear was getting slimmer than the last time..i wonder why..hmm..
and last monday it was morocco's public kak rozy took me to the "exotic garden in Sale, Rabat"..seriously i don't know that this garden exist..hehe..(cantik..just like Malaysia..)..x sangka morocco pon ade garden..sebab kat sini mcm padang pasir since near to the Sahara dessert..

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