Saturday, July 28, 2007

{-my vacation part 2-}

{-my vacation part 2-}

sorry for the late update..because last Thursday..there was a tahlil held at the ikhwan's house(ikhwan tu bukan nama org tau..maknanye=budak2 laki) because one of them have lost his sister forever..inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun..his sister was hit and run by a car on her way to work..(yg lg kesian..akak dia tu nak tunang this sunday..) a muslim..marilah kite same2 doa agar rohnye digolong dalam golongan org2 yg

so the next friday..normally moroccans will sit together with all of their family members and eat a family will have a nice conversation with their families..the moroccans believed that every friday is like a "hari raye" to'm gonna show you guys what is is is made from flour n wheat(gandum)..preparing the cous-cous is quite hard..need lots of patient..

the ingredients:

1) 2-radish
2) 3-carrots (cut into half..then another half..that means one carrot=4 piece)
3) 3- tomatoes(peel one of the tomato's skin..others cut into half)
4) potatoes( i exchange this with the weird vege which i don't even know the name of it till today..but i called it "the cucumber's brother" since it look like it)
5) cabage...(just half of need to cut)
6) a tablespoon of ginger powder
7) a tablespoon of tumeric powder
8) a tablespoon of blackpaper
9) a teaspoon of salt(depends...)
10) whole chicken(for 10 person-cut it into 4 pieces)
11) 500g cous-cous
12) 500ml-water
13) onion

this is the cucumber's brother..I've asked my senior but they also not sure what it is..but they do say it is similar to first we thought this was "petola" x pahit pon..hurm..(fikir sambil garu dagu)

the methods:

1) put some oil(about 8 tablespoons) in the periuk..the moroccan use this to cook cous-cous..but this is just the same as the "pengukus"-steamer

2) then..can put the chicken with the spices(garlic powder,tumeric powder,blackpaper,salt)
3) about 5 min later,add up abut 500ml of water
4) put the peeled tomato with all the vegetables..
5) now came the cous-cous part..add up about 2 tablespoons of oil and stir the cous-cous using this..then put it on the steamer..

6) about 15 mins later..again do the same thing to the cous-cous but by adding 5 tablespoons of water and a tablespoon of oil..before putting the cous-cous on the steamer(periuk yg bawah dia tu) need to add a tomato paste(which from the tomato..not from the kite buat teknik sagat)..this is for the soup-kuah7)then..about 5 mins later..again stir the cous-cous but without oil..only water..5tablespoons ..then..leave it until all the vegetable is soft..don't stir the soup because the vegetable and chicken will's ready to serve..(susahkan..)..but when you come to must try the's a traditional food..this one we eat with a soup..there is another food..which they called "saikuk"..cous-cous with sour milk(laban)..

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