Tuesday, July 3, 2007

king lazyness

[-king lazyness-]

hehe..another boring day..actually it's not that bad..but i make it bad..as usuall..wake up early for subuh prayer..since it's summer so subuh is about 3.30a.m...wow..!can you believe it..now i understand why our prophet mohammad told us to hijrah..like my case..people keep on asking me why i chose morocco instead of malaysia for futher studies?because as we know that to take islamic studies..malaysia is not that bad..we have our International Islamic University,KUSZA,KUIS and many more..at first it's hard for me to explain..then after a year in morocco..i've learnt many things and one of them is to cherish the person you love but u don't notice you were with them..for an example like family..(i'm a family-type of girl)..always far from my family but always put them in my heart and mind..but after i came here..the love grows more and more..and i miss them day and night..and friends..yup..it's true when some says that don't trust your friend too much..choose a good friend..but to me..if you are a good person..you will find a good friend..and a good partner as well..of course sometimes there are good person but met with a bad one..but if u look at the bright sight..it is actually a test for you..to make you think wisely and carefully..every single thing that happened in life..there are "objectives" behind them..for us to think and thank..and to my schoolmates..thank you so much..i will love you guys always..lillahitaala..and to my family..and future ones..(aecheh..mcm ade je..hehe)..Allahu yubarik fikum..insyaAllah..

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