Thursday, December 20, 2007


{-fuh..!!-} last my darling brain can take a break for a while..pity him..non-stop reading and memorising..since last monday till last tuesday..non-stop..(SUNDAY pon ade exam..!!)..this semester is a bit harsh for me since i need to cover 2 semesters..first semester and the third semester..and total subjects is 23 papers..(mid-sem and finals..)..since that i need to give up more of my fav habbits like sleep..watching movies..window shopping..and change it to read..(tapi ade je curi2 online..mana taknye..pecah otak ni nanti..)..

when i arrived to morocco and study here..i start to appreciate and cherish Ilm and knowledge..yerla..dulu time kat Malaysia berlajar ade buku..bila kat sini mana ade buku..dengar je lecturer ckp..then lecturer bagi ape sumber kite gi beli or cari buku sendiri..tak pon gi library cari ape yg kene-mengena dengan bab or tajuk ape yg lecturer ajar..sometimes make sad faces and ask my arabian friends for their notes..but Alhamdulillah few of my lecturers which are kind-hearted,handed out their silibus..mcm my fav lecturer ustaz bukhari..!!hehe..he teaches Usul feqh and he is sOo concerned about malaysian student..(yerla..klu mcm den ni haa..dah la ckp arab pon tunggang langgang..)..beside that..i started to appreciate Ulama'-ulama who was striving hard searching the ilm and spread it to the others..(tabarakallah alaihum)..yerla..dulu kalau buku2 yg ade muqaddimah tak heran pon..tak baca lansung pasal biodata org tu..skrg dah jadi macam satu perkara wajib..patutla dulu my Ustaz ckp..klu nak baca buku, baca la dari kulit ke kulit..!!mule-mule dulu tak faham..skrg baru tau..

hurm..for the past few days..i've made a research and already found the's regarding phenomena during examinations..

1) if somebody came up to you and said that your face is chubbier than before..don't worry because it's maybe you're brain have no space and let the stuff that you've memorised goes to your cheeks or to all over your face..

2)if you gain weight during examinations..don't's maybe because your brain got heavier and bigger since you've read a lot..

3) if suddenly your appetite gets bigger..don't worry because your brain also needs food..!!

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