Sunday, December 23, 2007



to take care everybody's feeling..i re-update this entry into something more mature..whatever it is i was kinda mad 'that' with what supposed to be done can't be one of this "fellow"..for your mommy always came to my blog and read my entries..she will know everything about stuff that happened..sometimes i don't have spare times to chat with her..that's why i created this blog..for my mommy..and plus..she is my queen..she knows every single thing about me..i shared everything with her..same as my do have a problem with that?? ni ada macam-macam jenis..yang kita tak cari pasal dengan dia plak yg cari pasal dengan like i said before in one of my previous entry..kekuatan orang Islam terletak pada sabarnye..

فاصبر صبرا جميلا
(surah al-ma'arij ayat 5)

( melayu kan cepat melatah..huhu)

sorry you guys..insyaAllah tomorrow i'll update regarding what happened during raya aidiladha in morocco..seriously totally different with malaysia..

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